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Saladin - Sun Goes Down [WCLR0150] Saladin - Sun Goes Down [WCLR0150]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 20:12

Artist: Saladin 
Title: Sun Goes Down 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Carypla Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Saladin - Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)

Saladin - Make It Hot [DBR002] Saladin - Make It Hot [DBR002]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 20:11

Artist: Saladin 
Title: Make It Hot
Genre: Deep House
Label: Daybreak Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Saladin - Make It Hot (Original Mix)

VA - Bedrock Collection 2017 [BEDDIGI111] VA - Bedrock Collection 2017 [BEDDIGI111]

Artist: VA
Title: Bedrock Collection 2017
Genre: Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Deep House
Label: Bedrock Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo (Original Mix) 
D Nox, Beckers – Mondays (Original Mix) 
Andromo, Chris Fortier – This Just Then (Original Mix) 
Bog – Moonlight (Original Mix) 
Bog, Tim Engelhardt – Scene 1 (Original Mix) 
Cristoph, Jeremy Olander – Last Dance (Original Mix) 
Darren Emerson, John Digweed, Nick Muir – Tracer (Original Mix) 
Fideles – Flying Dishes (Original Mix)
Gregor Tresher – Goliath (Alan Fitzpatrick’s WATB Rework) 
Guy J – 2026 (Original Mix) 
Guy J – On the Go (Original Mix) 
Harvey McKay – Virus (Original Mix) 
Jamie Anderson – Event Horizon (Darren Emerson Remix) 
Khen – Mountains Air (Original Mix) 
Lee Van Dowski, Bastian Bux – Nine Lives (Original Mix)
Monkey Safari – Oxy (Original Mix) 
Montel – First Light (Original Mix) 
Philipp Straub, Charlie Thorstenson – Miracle of Existence (Original Mix)
Saints & Sinners – Pushing Too Hard (Guy Mantzur Remix)
Stelios Vassiloudis – Blood Orange (Original Mix)
LondonGround, Manu Desrets – El Groopo [RSH069] LondonGround, Manu Desrets – El Groopo [RSH069]
Deep House / Tech House Yesterday, 19:05

Artist: LondonGround, Manu Desrets
Title: El Groopo
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Label: Roush Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Manu Desrets – Groopo (Original Mix) 
LondonGround, Manu Desrets – The Boss (Original Mix) 
LondonGround, Manu Desrets – Pianeat (Original Mix) 
Manu Desrets – What I Want (Original Mix) 

L Lopez, Saturn Keys, Charlie V – Sunrise [PURR144] L Lopez, Saturn Keys, Charlie V – Sunrise [PURR144]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 19:04

Artist: L Lopez, Saturn Keys, Charlie V
Title: Sunrise
Genre: Deep House
Label: The Purr
Quality: 320 kbps

Saturn Keys, Charlie V – Horizon (Original Mix) 
L Lopez, Saturn Keys – Sunrise (Original Mix)
Mollono.Bass – & Friends – Pt.3 [3000049] Mollono.Bass – & Friends – Pt.3 [3000049]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 19:04

Artist: Mollono.Bass
Title: & Friends – Pt.3
Genre: Deep House
Label: 3000 Grad Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Mollono.Bass – Call Of The Sirens (Original Mix)
Mollono.Bass – Space Cat (Original Mix) 
Mollono.Bass – Sundew Feat. Marc Vogler (Original Mix)
Mollono.Bass – Snake Man feat. Timboletti (Original Mix) 
Mollono.Bass – Sundew (Original Mix) 
VA - Natura Sonoris 10 Years Vol. 1 [NS071] VA - Natura Sonoris 10 Years Vol. 1 [NS071]
Deep House / Techno Yesterday, 19:04

Artist: VA
Title: Natura Sonoris 10 Years Vol. 1
Genre: Techno/Deep House
Label: Natura Sonoris
Quality: 320 kbps

Arian – Anima Mundi (Original Mix)
Damabiah – Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde (Original Mix) 
Hal Incandenza – Ventura (Dub Version) 
Henry Saiz – All The Evil Of This World (Chaim Remix) 
Henry Saiz – Our Discovery (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)
Henry Saiz – Secrets (Tuff City Kids Remix)
Henry Saiz, Marc Marzenit – Radiance (King Unique Remix)
Himbrecht – Oskar (Original Mix) 
Liz Cirelli, Minski – Shiver (Original Mix) 
R.I.P Bestia – African Wedding Ceremony (JMII’s Sagrada Familia Remix)
Ryan Davis – Raindeers (Original Mix) 
Sistema – Entreé (Henry Saiz Remix)
Soundexile – The Unknown (Simon Garcia’s Mioxam Remix)
Third Son – Aspirations (Original Mix) 
Voltaeric – Sandman (Original Mix)
SAAND – Yama [TS001] SAAND – Yama [TS001]
Deep House / Electronic Yesterday, 12:06

Artist: SAAND
Title: Yama
Label: Tierra Sounds
Genre: Electronic/Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Yama (Original Mix)
Yama (Pezzner Remix)
Yama (KMLN Remix)
Jan Blomqvist – Winter Roads [DLN009] Jan Blomqvist – Winter Roads [DLN009]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 12:05

Artist: Jan Blomqvist
Title: Winter Roads
Label: DAYS like NIGHTS
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Winter Roads (Original Mix)
Winter Roads (Extended Mix)
Winter Nights (Extended Mix) 
Null+Void – Take It Easy (feat. The Big Pink) [HFN73] Null+Void – Take It Easy (feat. The Big Pink) [HFN73]
Deep House / Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Yesterday, 12:04

Artist: Null+Void
Title: Take It Easy (feat. The Big Pink)
Label: Hfn
Genre: Deep House/Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Take It Easy 03:29
Take It Easy (Null+Void remix)
Take It Easy (Null+Void dub remix) 
Take It Easy (Null+Void instrumental remix) 
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Deep house music mp3 downloads

Deep House is one of the subgenres of House. It is characterized by a deep ambient sound. This genre is based on the elements of Jazz and Ambient, as well as of Soul and Gospel Vocals, which is why it is often confused with Garage House. It is all about scrappy chromatic chords forming complex tunes often accompanied by keyboard instruments such as electro organ and piano. If any vocals are used, female vocals are preferred to male or robotic ones. The tempo of songs is 120 to 125 beats per minute, although it may be 130 beats per minute in some songs. Of all the genres of electronic music, this one is not very popular, because it is the least dancing among all House subgenres.

It is very true that Deep House is more for the soul, than for the legs, and it is not for everybody. This is exactly why it is played only in chill out sets at different parties or events.

The greatest peak of the Deep House development was in the late 1990s. At the same time, a sort of subgenre of Deep House called Soulful House appeared. It is characterized by a special tune and pronounced gospel vocals. The most famous performers of this subgenre are Malvalos, Timmy Regisford, Blaze, Miguel Migs, DJ Spinna, DJ Kaskade and Moodymann. Spinnin Records has also been very popular, but only since the second half of the 2000s.

In the early 2000s, another subgenre of Deep House called Tribal House appeared. It is cult-oriented. This music is based on African folk motifs. It uses tambourines and bongos. You can enjoy this music by listening to Gaelle Adissons songs.

Tropical House is another well-known subgenre. Of all the subgenres of Deep House, this one is characterized by the most “live” sound and vibro-effects. It originated from Sonnentanz single, which was released by an Austrian duet Klangkarussell in 2012. The subgenre was well received, and whole new albums of this music were released soon.

Future House is the fourth subgenre. It appeared in 2013 as a result of a joke about what the music of future would be according to DJs of the 1990s. The most famous representatives of this subgenre are Nicholas Jaar, Andy Caldwell, DJ Lost Frequencies and Oliver Hendes. By 2016, Future House acquired some features of other genres, and it had little of true Deep according to the critics.

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