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Josh Wink Time for another…chart Josh Wink Time for another…chart
Techno / House / Dj Charts Yesterday, 20:46

Artist: VA
Title: Josh Wink Time for another…chart
Genre: Techno, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Freaks, 012 – Mr. Computer Man feat. 012 (Josh Wink Computer Fix Remix) (7:10)
Moor – Falkor (Original) (6:30)
Reset Robot – Arrows of Hope (Original Mix) (6:33)
Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat) (Louie Vega’s Let’s Party A Lil Dub) (6:53)
Andre Crom – Work It (Original Mix) (6:03)
Benny Rodrigues – Cocaine (Original Mix) (5:25)
Maarten Mittendorff, Jasper Wolff – Astrava (Ryan Elliot Remix) (6:43)
Malin, Yaleesa Hall, Yaleesa Hall X Malin – Artin (Original Mix) (6:53)
Mathias Kaden – Nova (Acid Mix) (7:35)
Sebo K – Xhale (Original Mix) (6:03)
VA – Gemist Pt 2 VA – Gemist Pt 2
Music / House Yesterday, 20:06

Artist: VA
Title: Gemist Pt 2
Label: House Is OK
Genre: House
Quality: 320Kbps

Roman Flugel – Another Love Dance (Original Mix)
House Of Life – Verbatschtes Blut (Original Mix)
Oliver Achatz – Pool (Original Mix)
TCB – Continuum (Original Mix)
Sasha Carassi End of March Sasha Carassi End of March
Techno / House / Dj Charts Yesterday, 16:58

Artist: VA
Title: Sasha Carassi End of March
Genre: Techno, Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps
Beico & Mt93, Nicolas Taboada - Echoes Of Nowhere (Original Mix)
Pleasurekraft - Lagrange Point (Original Mix)
Loco & Jam - Merked (Original Mix)
Beico & Mt93, Nicolas Taboada - Elevation (Original Mix)
Petter B - Autonomous Overdrive (Original Mix)
Balthazar & JackRock - Burning Down (Original Mix)
2pole - Restart (Original Mix)
Tom Hutt - Maya (Original Mix)
Drumcomplex - Complex (Original Mix)
Adriatique - Voices From The Dawn (Original Mix)
Audiojack Charts need names like mice need backgammon. Audiojack Charts need names like mice need backgammon.
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / House / Dj Charts Yesterday, 16:57

Artist: VA
Title: Audiojack Charts need names like mice need backgammon.
Genre: Deep House, House, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Jimpster - Burning Up (Original Mix)
Denney - Serenade (Bushwacka Remix)
Audiojack - Duality (Original Mix)
Josh Butler - Rabbit Hole (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar - City Song Part 2 (Peace, Love and Harmony) (Eli's New Version)
Dave Aju - Morton Girl (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Duality (Kotelett & Zadak Remix)
SIS - Tima (Original Mix)
Lone - Mind's Eye Melody (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Reverie (Original Mix)
D-Formation's Anbar Chart D-Formation's Anbar Chart

Artist: VA
Title: D-Formation's Anbar Chart
Genre: Leftfield House & Techno, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Marst - Insane (Original Mix)
D-Formation - Stein (Original Mix)
Adriatique - Ray (Original Mix)
D-Formation - Anbar (Original Mix)
D-Formation - Divine (Original Mix)
Solarc, Ben Eidani - Space (Morttagua Remix)
Khalvin - Perdu Danse Na Chambre (Original Mix)
Marc DePulse, Haptic - Lost My Life (Original Mix)
Solarc, Ben Eidani - Dasthi Song (Darin Epsilon Remix)
Aera - Moon Palace (Original Mix)
Paul Anthonee - Arkham (Original Mix)
Yvel & Tristan - Eridanus (Elfenberg Remix)
Anii - Working The Root (Original Mix)
D-Formation - Aiyko (Original Mix)
Al3ne - Nomad (Original Mix)
Kolsch - Left Eye Left (Original Mix)
Blancah - Talus (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix)
Sinfol - Trembling (Efdemin Remix)
Ziger, Blusoul - Delta (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
Darko De Jan, Esphyr - Clairvoyant (Matter Remix)
Cristian Fry, Chanel Lumod - Morning Light [RUZ094] Cristian Fry, Chanel Lumod - Morning Light [RUZ094]
Deep House / House Yesterday, 15:19

Artist: Cristian Fry, Chanel Lumod
Title: Morning Light 
Genre: Deep House / House
Label: Ruzzy Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Cristian Fry - Clock (Original Mix)
Cristian Fry, Chanel Lumod - Morning Light (Original Mix)

Eran Hersh - Enough Drama [FM0011BP] Eran Hersh - Enough Drama [FM0011BP]
Music / House Yesterday, 15:19

Artist: Eran Hersh 
Title: Enough Drama 
Genre: House
Label: Fattie Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Eran Hersh - Enough Drama (Original Mix)

Archelli Findz - HNY [FR032] Archelli Findz - HNY [FR032]
Music / House Yesterday, 15:18

Artist: Archelli Findz 
Title: HNY
Genre: House
Label: Findz Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Archelli Findz - HNY (Original Mix)

Martin Zoom - Above You [BMD700] Martin Zoom - Above You [BMD700]
Music / House Yesterday, 15:16

Artist: Martin Zoom
Title: Above You 
Genre: House
Label: Big Mama's House Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Martin Zoom - Above You (Extended Mix)

Matt Shelder - Hold Me [HRLTD079] Matt Shelder - Hold Me [HRLTD079]
Tech House / House Yesterday, 15:14

Artist: Matt Shelder 
Title: Hold Me 
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Hush Recordz Limited
Quality: 320 kbps

Matt Shelder - Hold Me (Original Mix)
Matt Shelder - Outsider (Original Mix)

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House is a genre of electronic music that appeared in early 1980 in Chicago. The main feature of House is that it has a repetitive four-rhythm-beat and sound fill-ins repeated from time to time. The name House comes from the name of a Chicago club Warehouse, where DJ Frankie Knuckles mixed two styles – Disco and European Synth-Pop. The continuous repeated rhythm and sound fill-ins in fact made House so popular. House fans can download new tracks on our website.

Underground house music downloads

House is listened to all over the world and is represented by many artists. Here are some of the most popular of them:
  • Swedish House Mafia – a Swedish band founded in 2008. It has three members.
  • Eric Prydz – a Swedish DJ born in 1976 in the city of Teby. His most successful singles are Call On Me released in 2004, Proper Education and Pjanoo.
  • Avicii – his real name is Tim Bergling, a Swedish DJ.
  • Justice – a French duet founded in 2003.