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VA - Deep Magic Waters, Vol. 14 [CITYCOMP212] VA - Deep Magic Waters, Vol. 14 [CITYCOMP212]
Deep House / House 14-06-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Deep Magic Waters, Vol. 14
Genre: Deep House / House
Label: City Life
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex V – Last Breath (Original Mix)
Aspro – Virgine Mary (Original Mix)
Axis, Angelo Abresso – Inside (Original Mix) 
Daniel Kyo – Pixels (The Messenger Remix)
Dark Method – I Like That (Cbas Mix) 
Dave Sparrow – Saint tropez (Original Mix) 
Deep Inquisitive – Beautiful Life (Monsieur Croissant Remix) 
Dellmon – Summer Time (Original Mix) 
Ercos Blanka – In Love (Original Mix)
Felipe L – Pim Pla (Original Mix) 
Florin H – Pasajul vulturul negru (Original Mix) 
Gam – No in Between (Original Mix) 
Helly Larson – Loosing My Mind (Original Mix) 
Higinio – Stay Being Free (Original Mix) 
Ittai Barkai – No One Smarter Than You (Gr-oy Remix) 
J. Lopez – Your Dreams (Original Mix)
Kolombo, Ante Perry – Spring (Original Mix) 
Marco Mirabelli – Deepness (Joe Piccino Perversia Mix) 
Markus Homm – Night Shift (Original Mix) 
Mikael Beltram – Sunday Morning (Original Mix) 
Modern Walker – Its (Alex V Remix) 
Phasen – Flossin (Life Recorder Remix) 
Q Derhino, Miss Luna – Not the Same Old Day (Deep Vox Mix) 
Tune Wall-C – Fond To (Original Mix) 
Zuat-zu – Smartech (Original Mix) 
VA - My Pendrive [LLR102] VA - My Pendrive [LLR102]

Artist: VA
Title: My Pendrive
Genre: House / Nu Disco
Label: LouLou Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Alexy Romeo, Marco Farouk – Golden feat. Shena (LouLou Players Remix) 
Alternative Kasual – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Ammo Avenue – Tasty (Original Mix)
Darocha – Just You (Original Mix) 
Deniz Kabu – Make the Young Girls Wild (Original Mix)
Dirtylover – We Get Drunk (Original Mix) 
Dj Max Freeze – Thooth It (Original Mix)
Eduardo Drumn – Dirty Baby (Original Mix)
Hotspot & Komaroff – Rivals (Original Mix) 
Jean Bacarreza, LouLou Players – Porn Music (Original Mix) 
Kolombo, LouLou Players – Can You Handle It feat. Bruna Liz (Original Mix) 
Mason – Wurrkit (Original Mix) 
MISHQA – Bring the Funk (Original Mix) 
Pimpo Gama, Fran Bortolossi – Hey James Brown (Original Mix) 
Roma De Cicco – What a Fuck (Original Mix)
Sugar Hill, Kento Lucchesi – Make a Pose (Original Mix) 
Sumak – I Need My Own (Original Mix) 
Vinte7 – Vinyl (Original Mix) 
Wolfire – Talking (Original Mix) 

Roby Deep – The Moments EP [PLAY1728] Roby Deep – The Moments EP [PLAY1728]
Music / House 14-06-2016

Artist: Roby Deep 
Title: The Moments EP
Genre: House
Label: Plastic City. Play
Quality: 320 kbps

Roby Deep – The Moments (Original Mix) 
Roby Deep – Views (Jeff Swing Remix) 
Roby Deep – Views (Original Mix) 
Indigo Minds – Doubt [PLAY1738] Indigo Minds – Doubt [PLAY1738]
Music / House 14-06-2016

Artist: Indigo Minds 
Title: Doubt 
Genre: House
Label: Plastic City. Play
Quality: 320 kbps

Indigo Minds – Doubt (Original Mix)
Indigo Minds – Invisible (Original Mix) 
Indigo Minds – Missing (Original Mix) 
Indigo Minds – Moments (Original Mix) 
Monrabeatz, Zerky – Pump The Jam [KZ030] Monrabeatz, Zerky – Pump The Jam [KZ030]
Music / House 14-06-2016

Artist: Monrabeatz, Zerky 
Title: Pump The Jam
Genre: House
Label: KudoZ Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Monrabeatz, Zerky – Pump The Jam (Heavy Pins Remix)
Monrabeatz, Zerky – Pump The Jam (Original Mix)

L.O.O.P, Laserjakk – Ask Me [NDF099] L.O.O.P, Laserjakk – Ask Me [NDF099]
Music / House 14-06-2016

Artist: L.O.O.P, Laserjakk 
Title: Ask Me
Genre: House
Label: No Definition
Quality: 320 kbps

L.O.O.P, Laserjakk – Ask Me (Original Mix) 
L.O.O.P, Laserjakk – Ask Me (Platinum Doug Club Edit) 
Ralo, Strada – Be Real [IAHG029] Ralo, Strada – Be Real [IAHG029]
Music / House 13-06-2016

Artist: Ralo, Strada 
Title: Be Real
Genre: House
Label: I’m a House Gangster 
Quality: 320 kbps

Ralo, Strada – Be Real (Original Mix)
Ralo, Strada – Corner (Original Mix)
Ralo, Strada – Jacky (Original Mix)
Ralo, Strada – Low Ride (Original Mix)

Calippo – Mesa Verde [ETR317] Calippo – Mesa Verde [ETR317]
Music / House 13-06-2016

Artist: Calippo
Title: Mesa Verde 
Genre: House
Label: Enormous Tunes
Quality: 320 kbps

Calippo – Mesa Verde (Original Mix)
Calippo – Off the Scent (Original Mix)
Tom Tyger - Delano [DOORN259] Tom Tyger - Delano [DOORN259]
Music / House 12-06-2016

Artist: Tom Tyger
Title: Delano
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps

Tom Tyger - Delano (Original Mix)

Blue Amazon, Brent Lawson - Continue [PBTM 043] Blue Amazon, Brent Lawson - Continue [PBTM 043]
Techno / House 12-06-2016

Artist: Blue Amazon, Brent Lawson 
Title: Continue
Genre: House / Techno
Label: Pro B Tech Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Blue Amazon, Brent Lawson - Continue (Original Mix)
Blue Amazon, Brent Lawson - Continue (Quivver Remix)

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House is a genre of electronic music that appeared in early 1980 in Chicago. The main feature of House is that it has a repetitive four-rhythm-beat and sound fill-ins repeated from time to time. The name House comes from the name of a Chicago club Warehouse, where DJ Frankie Knuckles mixed two styles – Disco and European Synth-Pop. The continuous repeated rhythm and sound fill-ins in fact made House so popular. House fans can download new tracks on our website.

Underground house music downloads

House is listened to all over the world and is represented by many artists. Here are some of the most popular of them:
  • Swedish House Mafia – a Swedish band founded in 2008. It has three members.
  • Eric Prydz – a Swedish DJ born in 1976 in the city of Teby. His most successful singles are Call On Me released in 2004, Proper Education and Pjanoo.
  • Avicii – his real name is Tim Bergling, a Swedish DJ.
  • Justice – a French duet founded in 2003.