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Minimal electronic music

Joe Vanditti – What? [KLP259] Joe Vanditti – What? [KLP259]
Tech House / Minimal 20-05-2018

Artist: Joe Vanditti
Title: What?
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Klaphouse Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Joe Vanditti – What? (Original mix) (6:27)
Joe Vanditti – Smoke Bass (Original mix) (5:47)
Joe Vanditti – Smoke Bass. (Rone White remix) (7:00)
Joe Vanditti – Travel Mix (Original mix) (6:26)
Enrico Caruso – Don’t Wanna Enrico Caruso – Don’t Wanna
Music / Minimal 19-05-2018

Artist: Enrico Caruso
Title: Don’t Wanna
Label: SK Recordings
Genre: Minimal, Deep Tech
Quality: 320Kbps

Enrico Caruso – Don’t Wanna (Original Mix)
Enrico Caruso – Move Up (Original Mix)
Enrico Caruso – Move Up (Skizzo Remix)
Enrico Caruso – Our Happiness (Original Mix)
Timboletti – Ride the Rainbow [COPY022] Timboletti – Ride the Rainbow [COPY022]
Deep House / Techno / Minimal / Electronic 19-05-2018

Artist: Timboletti
Title: Ride the Rainbow
Genre: Electronica, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Copycow
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Timboletti – Don’t Panic (Original Mix) (6:32)
2. Timboletti – Blurry Cake (Original Mix) (7:30)
3. Timboletti – Welcome to Lake Loco (Original Mix) (6:46)
4. Timboletti – Strawberry Smell (Original Mix) (7:41)
5. Timboletti – Traiding Memories (Original Mix) (8:35)
6. Timboletti – Captain Crook (Original Mix) (7:07)
7. Timboletti – Taste of Peace (Original Mix) (8:42)
8. Timboletti – Life Is a Beach (Original Mix) (7:45)
9. Timboletti – Ride the Rainbow (Original Mix) (8:08)
VA – This Is Then [PLAY027] VA – This Is Then [PLAY027]
Deep House / Tech House / Minimal 18-05-2018

Artist: VA
Title: This Is Then
Genre: House, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Play It Say It
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Young Seth – Moment (Original Mix) (5:15)
2. Seth Troxler – Satisfy (Original Mix) (5:21)
3. Seth Troxler – Friend Of Mine (Original Mix) (5:31)
4. Thrill Cosby – Oogity Boogity (Original Mix) (6:45)
5. Seth Troxler – Relationships (Original Mix) (7:10)
6. Shaun Reeves, Seth Troxler – Still Hot (Original Mix) (6:26)
7. Sex Trothler, Baby Prince – Jus Your feat. Baby Prince (Original Mix) (6:03)
8. Seth Troxler – Aphrika (Original Miox) (5:56)
9. Kiki – Good Voodoo (Visionquest Remix) (7:18)
10. Fever Ray – Seven (Seth Troxler Remix) (7:09)
Beatport Exclusives Only May.14.2018 Beatport Exclusives Only May.14.2018

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only May.14.2018
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Drum & Bass, Techno, Tech House, House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Afro House
Quality: 320 Kbps

2pole – Acep (Original Mix) 07:16 129bpm A#min
Alix Perez, Halogenix – Rollcage (Original Mix) 05:00 86bpm Fmaj
Arjun Vagale – Hard Pop (Original Mix) 05:45 131bpm D#min
Dusty Kid – Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Original Mix) 07:27 128bpm Dmin
James Dexter – Trapped (Original Mix) 06:49 123bpm Dmin
Kaiserdisco – Varuna (Adana Twins Remix) 07:10 124bpm Bmin
Kevin Knapp – Drug Birds feat. Baby Luck (Original Mix) 06:10 127bpm Bmin
Kreature – Motel 88 (Original Mix) 08:12 124bpm Amin
La Fleur – Devil Sigh (Original) 08:38 125bpm D#maj
LATHE – Fog (Original Mix) 05:56 132bpm Amaj
Losh Judlow – Shake Ya Bahddy feat. Nahini (Mason Maynard Remix) 06:08 125bpm Amin
Matt Tolfrey – Americas (Original Mix) 07:44 130bpm Amin
Norwood & Hills – Rodeo (Original Mix) 06:32 125bpm Gmin
Tennan – Dis One (Original Mix) 06:41 125bpm D#min
Tennan – Radio Jack (Original Mix) 06:37 126bpm Dmaj
The Analogue Cops – 1998 (Original Mix) 06:15 126bpm Dmin
Tube & Berger – FETZEN (DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM & WESTERBY REMIX) 09:01 120bpm Emaj
Wolves By Night – Bad Intentions (Original Mix) 05:57 121bpm Fmin
YORY – Adore (Original Mix) 06:34 124bpm Cmin
Nikolai Iliev - Barbarugis [AYS085] Nikolai Iliev - Barbarugis [AYS085]
Music / Minimal 17-05-2018

Artist: Nikolai Iliev
Title: Barbarugis
Label: Agua y Sed
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Nikolai Iliev – Barbarugis (Original) 6:52 /126bpm/ D#maj
Nikolai Iliev – Light Collision (Original) 8:08 /126bpm/ Amin
Nikolai Iliev – Melo Opera (Original) 5:37 /126bpm/ Cmin
Arthus, Rods Novaes – PULIRA EP [TRES14223] Arthus, Rods Novaes – PULIRA EP [TRES14223]
Music / Minimal 17-05-2018

Artist: Arthus, Rods Novaes
Label: Tres 14 Music
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Arthus, Rods Novaes – Pulira (CL-ljud Remix) 7:20 /123bpm/ Amaj
Arthus, Rods Novaes – Pulira (Original Mix) 6:34 /125bpm/ Amin
Arthus, Rods Novaes – Pulira (Pellon Remix) 5:18 /120bpm/ Cmin
Arthus, Rods Novaes – Pulira (Rascalillo Remix) 8:00 /120bpm/ Fmaj
Arthus, Rods Novaes – Valuri de Pace (Original Mix) 6:46 /124bpm/ Amin
Doneyck - Doneyck Closet EP [ASA105] Doneyck - Doneyck Closet EP [ASA105]
Music / Minimal 17-05-2018

Artist: Doneyck
Title: Doneyck Closet EP
Label: Asane Records
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Doneyck – Closet (Original Mix) 7:17 /123bpm/ Cmaj
Doneyck – Closet (Terrace Mix) 7:22 /123bpm/ Amin
Serge Devant Connect To Server Chart Serge Devant Connect To Server Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Serge Devant Connect To Server Chart
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Christian Burkhardt – Hola (Original Mix) 07:11 125bpm Amin
Cloonee – Real Thing (Iglesias Remix) 05:55 125bpm Amin
Collective Machine – Where Are You (Original) 08:02 122bpm Amin
Hausent – In My Hood (Mrln Remix) 06:17 124bpm D♯min
James Cox (UK) – Subsequent (Original Mix) 07:49 124bpm Dmin
Luixar KL, Nomad (MX) – El Playense (Original Mix) 06:49 123bpm G♯min
Mele – Larry’s Beat (Original Mix) 04:41 124bpm Amaj
Sebastian Porter – Die Fabelhafte Welt Der Anomalie (David Keno Remix) 06:01 124bpm Amaj
Serge Devant – Connect To Server (Original Mix) 06:49 122bpm Dmaj
Serge Devant – White Groove (Archie Hamilton Remix) 08:00 124bpm Cmaj
Serge Devant – White Groove (Original Mix) 07:16 124bpm Amin

Vlada Asanin, Rendher - Quismondo EP [NVR074] Vlada Asanin, Rendher - Quismondo EP [NVR074]
Tech House / Minimal 16-05-2018

Artist: Vlada Asanin, Rendher
Title: Quismondo EP
Label: New Violence Records
Genre: Tech House, Minimal, Deep Tech
Quality: 320 Kbps

Vlada Asanin, Rendher – Quismondo (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin, Rendher – Quismondo (Maxie Devine Remix)
Vlada Asanin – Hustler (Original Mix)

Minimalist electronic music

What is Minimal? It is the maximum expressed through the minimum. Minimal has few components with sound voids between them. But these components change slowly, but surely, evolving into something quite different from what it was in the beginning. The simplicity and genius of this music is in the following:
  1. one simple sentence and nothing new.
  2. this genre becomes more and more interesting, because its simple tunes can get the modern listener very interested.

Download Minimal tracks

Minimal is quite popular today because of its unusually simple rhythm surrounded by several sounds. Such sounds are often quite specific and synthesized. Just Techno with few noises. The main goal of Minimal is to have the maximum effect on the listener while using a minimum of sounds and phrases in the music. Despite its peaks of popularity, Minimal is not so easy to find on the Internet. You can stop searching and download free Minimal Techno, Trance or Minimal House tracks in mp3 on our website.