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Hit The Bass - Oberon [SSP007] Hit The Bass - Oberon [SSP007]
Music / Progressive House 21-05-2018

Artist: Hit The Bass 
Title: Oberon 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Silent Shore Progressive
Quality: 320 kbps

Hit The Bass - Oberon (Milad E Remix)
Hit The Bass - Oberon (Original Mix)

Matter – We Are Dust [PSI1816] Matter – We Are Dust [PSI1816]
Techno / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Matter
Title: We Are Dust
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Particles
Quality: 320 kbps

Matter – Star.Rock. (Daraspa Remix) (8:43)
Matter – We Are Dust (Verve’s ‘Dusty’ Remix) (6:56)

Pryda – Elements EP [PRY039] Pryda – Elements EP [PRY039]
Music / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Pryda
Title: Elements EP
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Pryda Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Pryda – Elements (Original Mix) (8:08)
Pryda – Obsessive Progressive (Original Mix) (8:34)
Pryda – The HoaX (Original Mix) (7:27)
Pryda – Project L.O.V.E (Original Mix) (6:13)
Edvard Hunger - One Day From My Life [3XA264] Edvard Hunger - One Day From My Life [3XA264]
Music / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Edvard Hunger 
Title: One Day From My Life 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: 3xA Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Edvard Hunger - One Day From My Life (Axel Terblanche Remix)
Edvard Hunger - One Day From My Life (Original Mix)

Charles D (USA), John Soul - Deepen The Noise [BP7512018] Charles D (USA), John Soul - Deepen The Noise [BP7512018]

Artist: Charles D (USA), John Soul
Title: Deepen The Noise 
Genre: Progressive House / Tech House
Label: Bonzai Progressive
Quality: 320 kbps

Charles D (USA), John Soul - Deepen The Noise (BILBONI Remix)
Charles D (USA), John Soul - Deepen The Noise (Greg S Remix)
Charles D (USA), John Soul - Deepen The Noise (Original Mix)
Pete K - Forest / Pathos [ZT11101Z] Pete K - Forest / Pathos [ZT11101Z]
Music / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Pete K 
Title: Forest / Pathos
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Zerothree
Quality: 320 kbps

Pete K - Forest (Original Mix)
Pete K - Pathos (Original Mix)

Dennis Bune - Don't Let Go [FM297] Dennis Bune - Don't Let Go [FM297]
Music / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Dennis Bune  
Title: Don't Let Go 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Fatal Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Dennis Bune - Don't Let Go (Original Mix)

Theo Meier - Nichts EP [WLTN001] Theo Meier - Nichts EP [WLTN001]

Artist: Theo Meier 
Title: Nichts EP
Genre: Deep House / House / Techno / Progressive House
Label: Weltn Audio
Quality: 320 kbps

Theo Meier - Coy (Original Mix)
Theo Meier - Disposition (Original Mix)
Theo Meier - Mittel (Original Mix)
Theo Meier - Nichts (Original Mix)

Black Loco - A1 [EST042] Black Loco - A1 [EST042]
Music / Progressive House 20-05-2018

Artist: Black Loco  
Title: A1 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Estribo Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Black Loco - Inspiration (Original Mix)
Black Loco - Torre Spada (Original Mix)

VA - L’Evoluzione Del Suono (Parte Ottava) [NATES008] VA - L’Evoluzione Del Suono (Parte Ottava) [NATES008]

Artist: VA
Title: L’Evoluzione Del Suono (Parte Ottava)
Label: Natura Viva In The Mix
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive House
Quality: 320 Kbps

Eating Snow – Gravel and Trees (Kevin Over Dub) 05:51 120bpm
Hector Couto & Roberto Palmero – Bourbon Street 06:35
Mathias Kaden – Tangerine (UNER Remix) 06:58 124bpm
Delete & Matt Tolfrey – All Broken Up 06:39
Paride Saraceni – The Other Side (Feat. Monce) 08:19 126bpm
Danny Serrano – Trust 06:28 124bpm
Luca Guerrieri – Tears (Wally Lopez Remix) 07:54 123bpm
Glen Coombs – Closure 06:55
Boss Axis – Lusia (Marius Lehnert & Arno Mueller Remix) 06:42 120bpm
Sascha Sonido – Rio Grande 07:56
Marco Lys & Sonny Wharton – I’m Going Home 05:47 124bpm
Rainer Weichhold – Voxolator (Stefano Noferini & Danniel Selfmade Remix) 06:20 123bpm
Lownza – The Bass (Mirco Violi Remix) 07:02
Sound Process – Apollo (Diego Infanzon Remix) 07:14 124bpm
K.A.L.I.L. – Zero Eleven 07:41
Sandru – Eucalipto (Mollono.Bass) 06:41
Cameron Jack – Sans direction (Tom Hutt Remix) 07:05
Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz – Chocolate Slut 07:00 123bpm
Aldo Cadiz – Press 07:29 124bpm
Ahmet Mecnun – Oscillator 606 06:30 123bpm
Kelvin Lucas – Kenopsia 06:53 121bpm
Cool People – Rave Woman (Ismael Rivas Remix) 07:24
Cele – Cellotone 07:24
Fabio Neural – Tarida 07:21 121bpm
Roadhou5e – Sweet Melody 06:20

Download progressive house music for free

Electronic music is the most popular in the whole world. Along with the mixed styles of electronic music, five main genres of electronic music can be distinguished: Trance, House, Drum & Bass, Techno and Progressive.

The best progressive house music song in mp3

The main reason why Progressive is so popular is its rich sounding. Lots of musical special effects, unusual timing and structure of the song itself make this music unique. The most striking feature of Progressive is the continuous unwinding of the tune and lack of monotonous repetition. You can download Progressive in mp3 for free. One of the most popular performers of Progressive House are Steve Forest and Davide Svezza. They are in TOP-20 of the best Progressive House performers. Techno is the father of Progressive Trance (4 beats per a bar is that very same straight beat). For the time of its existence, Progressive has been on a roll twice – in the early 90s and from 2007 to 2013. Today, more and more new artists and tracks come along, so the third wave of popularity is not far off. This kind of music will be popular with young people for many years to come. You can download Dance Progressive Trance and Techno for free right now on our website.