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Tech House / Minimal Today, 19:54

Artist: VA
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Dear Deer Mafia
Quality: 320 kbps

Dabi, Little Rick - Sensations (Original Mix)
Daniel Kazuo - Nonstop (Original Mix)
eCost, F.A.C.S - Not Real (Original Mix)
Eric Olliver - Last Night (Original Mix)
Gabriel Evoke - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)
Gustavo Chateaubriand - Keep Keep (Original Mix)
Handek - Bang! (Original Mix)
Haustuff - Rolling Bass (Original Mix)
Henrique Lima - Short Dick (Original Mix)
Holt 88 - Let's Dance (Original Mix)
Klle Dawid - J.B (Original Mix)
KRAFT JACK  Jack You Need (Original Mix)
Morenno Martinez - Stellar Rip Rop (Original Mix)
Rods Novaes, Nik Ros - Mamata (Original Mix)
SHIGAKI, MARZZANO - What I Do (Original Mix)
Thiago C - Anything (Original Mix)
Vanucci, GIOC - Diamba (Original Mix)
Velasquezz - Felicidade (Original Mix)
Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money [RPM055] Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money [RPM055]
Tech House / House Today, 19:54

Artist: Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR
Title: Trap Money
Genre: Tech House, House
Label: Repopulate Mars
Quality: 320 kbps

Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money (Edit)
Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money (Eli Brown Dub Remix)
Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money (Eli Brown Remix - Edit)
Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money (Eli Brown Remix)
Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR - Trap Money
Toni Carrillo, Carlos A - Robot - You Feel [ICR122] Toni Carrillo, Carlos A - Robot - You Feel [ICR122]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:53

Artist: Toni Carrillo, Carlos A
Title: Robot - You Feel
Genre: Tech House
Label: Insert Coin
Quality: 320 kbps

Toni Carrillo, Carlos A - Robot (Original Mix) 6:30
Toni Carrillo, Carlos A - You Feel (Original Mix) 6:39
Ron Costa - This Is Fubing [PTBL152] Ron Costa - This Is Fubing [PTBL152]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:52

Artist: Ron Costa
Title: This Is Fubing
Genre: Tech House
Label: Potobolo Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Ron Costa - Hey Fubing (Original Mix) 5:22
Ron Costa - This Is (Original Mix) 6:07
Mladen Tomic - Next Adventure EP [NLD167] Mladen Tomic - Next Adventure EP [NLD167]
Tech House / Techno Today, 19:52

Artist: Mladen Tomic
Title: Next Adventure EP
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Label: Night Light Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Mladen Tomic - What's Next (Original Mix) 7:03
Mladen Tomic - Mojave (Original Mix) 7:07
Mladen Tomic - New Adventure (Original Mix) 7:06
Mladen Tomic - Connect (Original Mix) 6:36
Eddy Malano - Bonito [LFL011] Eddy Malano - Bonito [LFL011]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:48

Artist: Eddy Malano
Title: Bonito
Genre: Tech House
Label: Low Frequencies Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Eddy Malano - Bonito (Original Mix) 6:32
Eddy Malano - Door (Original Mix) 6:32
Eddy Malano - Bonito (Mangelt Remix) 6:55
Eddy Malano - Bonito (Drymod Remix) 6:31
Cortes, Harvy Valencia - Overtown [1994MUSIC0560] Cortes, Harvy Valencia - Overtown [1994MUSIC0560]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:47

Artist: Cortes, Harvy Valencia
Title: Overtown
Genre: Tech House
Label: 1994 Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Cortes, Harvy Valencia - Overtown (Original Mix) 6:18
VA - Ibiza 2019 Día [UTR072A] VA - Ibiza 2019 Día [UTR072A]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:46

Artist: VA
Title: Ibiza 2019: Día
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Jasmine Knight, Carnoa Beats - Wake Me Up (Original Mix) 7:04
Space Jump Salute - Get To Work (Original Mix) 6:23
Kenny Brian - Happy Baby (Original Mix) 5:09
Sin Morera - Track (Original Mix) 7:26
Ausem FF - Highway (Original Mix) 6:08
VA - Animal Cream Tech Side, Vol. 5 [WAK027] VA - Animal Cream Tech Side, Vol. 5 [WAK027]
Music / Tech House Today, 19:46

Artist: VA
Title: Animal Cream Tech Side, Vol. 5
Genre: Tech House
Label: We Are Klexos
Quality: 320 kbps

Little Rick - Jump (Original Mix) 6:13
Black Tantra - Muevete (Original Mix) 6:17
Alain Chavez - Solid (Original Mix) 6:29
Handek - Revolution (Original Mix) 6:12
Cardillo DJ - Too Se (Original Mix) 8:02
Neeco - Ginger (Original Mix) 6:54
Ricardo Motta - Respect (Original Mix) 6:42
Jorge Hurtado - Brydge [DM2EP006] Jorge Hurtado - Brydge [DM2EP006]
Music / Tech House Today, 16:12
Jorge Hurtado - Brydge [DM2EP006]

Artist: Jorge Hurtado 
Title: Brydge 
Genre: Tech House
Label: DM2 Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Jorge Hurtado - Brydge (Original Mix)
Jorge Hurtado - One, Two (Original Mix)

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Download tech house music in mp3

Tech House is an electronic music genre, a mix of House and Techno. Two musicians, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards, contributed much to Tech House. They were the first ones who mixed House and Techno. However, this genre became truly popular after the Plastic City label had been established in 2000. This genre is characterized by spacious sound, deep bass lines, minimalism and rare percussion grooves. This genre originated in the 1990s in England and the United States. It became popular probably because it was a very interesting and appropriate mix of two genres of electronic music.

Tech House is listened to all over the world and it is performed by millions of artists. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Booka Shade – a band playing electronic music; it was established in Frankfurt in 1995.
  2. Gui Boratto – a Brazilian musician born in 1974 in Sao Paulo.
  3. Klangkarussell – an Austrian duet. The band name is literally translated from German as a merry-go-round of sounds. The band was founded in 2011. Despite the fact that the band is quite young, it has many fans. The band members are Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) is one of their tracks.

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