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Stefano Noferini Extramelody Chart Stefano Noferini Extramelody Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Stefano Noferini Extramelody Chart
Genre: Tech House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Robot Needs Oil - Coco the Cat (Original Mix)
Stefano Noferini - Extramelody (Original Mix)
Goncalo - LSD Mornings (Stefano Noferini Remix)
Timo Maas, Basti Grub, Eric Volta - We Were Riding High (Original Mix)
James Dexter - Trapped (Original Mix)
Stefano Noferini - Extramelody (Metodi Hristov Remix)
Yamil, Daniel Meister - Dance All Night (Original Mix)
Looad - Dub Motion (Original Mix)
David Gtronic - Effugere (Rich NXT Remix)
Definition - Diego (Original Mix)
Richard Cleber – Yeah! [UTR048] Richard Cleber – Yeah! [UTR048]
Music / Tech House 23-05-2018

Artist: Richard Cleber
Title: Yeah
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320kbps

Richard Cleber – Yeah! (Extended Mix) 6:54 /124bpm/ A#min
Tomy Wahl – Pulsaciones [LAM144] Tomy Wahl – Pulsaciones [LAM144]
Music / Tech House 23-05-2018

Artist: Tomy Wahl
Title: Pulsaciones
Genre: Tech House
Label: Lemon-aid Music
Quality: 320kbps

Tomy Wahl – Denis (Original Mix) 5:48 /122bpm/ Amin
Tomy Wahl – Hypnosis (Original Mix) 6:16 /123bpm/ Amin
Tomy Wahl – Pulsaciones (Original Mix) 6:54 /122bpm/ Bmin
Martin Books – SPLIT [SDR067] Martin Books – SPLIT [SDR067]
Tech House / Techno 23-05-2018

Artist: Martin Books
Title: SPLIT
Genre: Techno/Tech House
Label: Supdub Records
Quality: 320kbps

Martin Books – Acid Girl (Original Mix) 6:08 /126bpm/ Dmin
Martin Books – Christel (Original Mix) 6:35 /126bpm/ Bmin
Martin Books – Doris (Original Mix) 8:09 /126bpm/ Gmaj
Martin Books – Even Mona (Original Mix) 6:08 /126bpm/ Amin
Martin Books – Franka (Original Mix) 6:20 /126bpm/ Cmin
Martin Books – Fred (Original Mix) 4:49 /126bpm/ Amin
Martin Books – Mandy (Original Mix) 5:10 /125bpm/ G#min
Martin Books – Minus Love (Original Mix) 7:04 /127bpm/ Cmin
Martin Books – Sibylle (Original Mix) 6:01 /127bpm/ Dmin
Martin Books – Silicon (Original Mix) 7:06 /126bpm/ D#maj
VA - Tech My House [RR2161] VA - Tech My House [RR2161]
Tech House / Techno 23-05-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Tech My House
Genre: Tech House/Techno
Label: Relief
Quality: 320kbps

Alisha – Trip (Original Mix) 6:21 /127bpm/ A#min
Alvaro Smart – No Worries (Original Mix) 6:32 /124bpm/ A#maj
Andre Butano, Aldo Cadiz – Star People (Original Mix) 7:26 /125bpm/ Amin
Bot – Freaqk (Original Mix) 5:36 /126bpm/ F#maj
Danny Serrano – Ocean Drive (Original Mix) 7:12 /125bpm/ Amin
Drop2Back, Botteon, Out_Ctrl – Hipnotic (Original Mix) 6:12 /124bpm/ Fmaj
Jack N Jerk – Wign Gyrl (Original Mix) 6:26 /122bpm/ Amaj
Ki Creighton – Center Of Attention (Original Mix) 6:25 /125bpm/ Amin
Lucati, Mike McFly – Break It (Original Mix) 5:15 /124bpm/ A#min
Mihalis Safras – BAM (Original Mix) 6:36 /126bpm/ F#min
Richard Cleber – Crazy Man (Original Mix) 7:22 /124bpm/ Amin
RISC – Orange Line (Original Mix) 7:15 /129bpm/ Dmin
Stretch, Rene Amesz – Enough Is Enough (Original Mix) 6:18 /122bpm/ Amin
SYAP – Bamboozled (Original Mix) 6:12 /124bpm/ Dmin
Yvan Genkins – Fearless (Original Mix) 6:11 /125bpm/ Amin
VA – Tech My House (Continuous DJ Mix) 1:14:09 /126bpm
Mario Franca - Let’s Dance [CABA144] Mario Franca - Let’s Dance [CABA144]
Tech House / House 23-05-2018

Artist: Mario Franca
Title: Let’s Dance
Genre: House, Tech House
Label: Caballero Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Mario Franca – Let’s Dance (Original) (7:32)
Mario Franca – Friend Of Mine (Original) (8:02)
Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - Ready for Action [BCR055] Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - Ready for Action [BCR055]
Music / Tech House 23-05-2018

Artist: Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims
Title: Ready for Action
Label: Bass Culture
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - Windy City 05:24
Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - Ready For Action 04:59
Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - One Left In The Chamber 04:56
Ron Bacardi, Ben Sims - Ready For Action (Beat mix) 05:00
VA - Klangbild, Vol. 6 [RACOMP126B] VA - Klangbild, Vol. 6 [RACOMP126B]
Music / Tech House 23-05-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Klangbild, Vol. 6
Label: Re Vibe Audio
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Tony Barbato, Alex Vanni – Berlin Station (Original Mix) 7:25 / 123bpm
Neal Porter, Fabs# – Makes My Body (Original Mix) 6:21 / 123bpm
Dole, Kom – Smoke (Original Mix) 6:53 / 123bpm
Frank Oquendo – El Presidente (Original Mix) 6:45 / 123bpm
Leon, Simone Liberali – Shake Body (Original Mix) 6:46 / 124bpm
Kasey Kaotto – Pharos (Original Mix) 10:0 / 122bpm
Kevin Wood, Adam Hofer – Poison (Kevin Wood Remix) 5:43 / 123bpm
Samuele Scelfo – Let's Go Back (Original Mix) 6:06 / 124bpm
Dorade – Check This Out (Original Mix) 5:59 / 123bpm
DJ Smilk – Mom House (Original Mix) 7:00 / 124bpm
Angel Heredia – Legacy (Original Mix) 6:15 / 124bpm
Antoine Clamaran, Rafha Madrid, Agua Sin Gas – Clap Your Hands (Rafha Madrid Remix) 5:53 / 125bpm
Mesa – Way to Do It (Original Mix) 8:00 / 125bpm
DJ Face Off – Off Dud (Original Mix) 7:40 / 125bpm
Stino Grant – Can You Feel It? (Original Mix) 5:44 / 124bpm
Viktor Varela – Pow (Original Mix) 7:50 / 127bpm
B-Liv – In Your Face (Original Mix) 6:47 / 124bpm
Lee Garrett – Haunting (Original Mix) 6:27 / 124bpm
Antonio Donato – Don't Touch Me (Original Mix) 6:03 / 124bpm
Double Drop, Tushimitsu – Clubin (Original Mix) 6:46 / 124bpm
VA - Krafted for the Moment,Vol.3 [KDC007] VA - Krafted for the Moment,Vol.3 [KDC007]
Deep House / Tech House / Minimal 23-05-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Krafted for the Moment,Vol.3
Label: Krafted Digital
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Jimmy Switch, David Ricardo – Micron City (Original Mix) 5:45 / 125bpm
The CloudShapers, Paul Sawyer, Soultrak, Beulah – Salute The Floor (Paul Sawyer Remix) 6:14 / 120bpm
Made By Pete, Redux Saints – Boundaries (Made by Pete Remix) 6:37 / 122bpm
Damaged Disko – Dope Remote (Original Mix) 6:34 / 126bpm
Jimmy Spoons – Africa (Original Mix) 5:12 / 124bpm
DMorse – Swivel (Original Mix) 7:14 / 125bpm
Sam Whitmore – Everything Is Cool (Original Mix) 6:31 / 124bpm
Sam Skilz, Lee Pearce – Shoreline (Sam Skilz Mix) 6:27 / 124bpm
Paul Sawyer, Redux Saints – Change (Redux Saints Remix) 6:39 / 122bpm
Grant Boden, Andrew Greatorex – Same Day (Andrew Greatorex Mix) 7:06 / 126bpm
Will Konitzer – Body Back (Original Mix) 6:28 / 124bpm
David Bernardi, Sam Skilz – Anarchy (Original Mix) 7:15 / 124bpm
Fallow, Am I Nobel, T.Bird – Let's Go Disco (Fallow Remix) 6:01 / 124bpm
Eric Ross – Insomnia (Original Mix) 6:19 / 124bpm
NOISIBOI – Stranger in My House (Original Mix) 5:17 / 124bpm
Jimmy Switch, David Ricardo – Revolution (Original Mix) 8:11 / 125bpm
DMorse – Jungle Nights (Original Mix) 9:13 / 125bpm
VA - Deep Future Sound [BLV5140203] VA - Deep Future Sound [BLV5140203]
Deep House / Tech House 23-05-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Deep Future Sound
Label: Hotbag
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Clownfish – Chilling In Japan (Original Mix) 5:37 / 118bpm
Soap Bubbles – Yellowstone (Original Mix) 6:32 / 123bpm
Cotton Animals – So Berlin (Original Mix) 5:16 / 122bpm
Deepberry – Day After Day (Original Mix) 2:31 / 128bpm
Gorillag – Devil (Original Mix) 5:40 / 124bpm
Clownfish – The Lights (Original Mix) 5:26 / 122bpm
Soap Bubbles – Walk Away Together (Original Mix) 5:16 / 122bpm
Clownfish – Bang In My Head (Original Mix) 4:07 / 125bpm
Deepberry – When The Older (Original Mix) 2:34 / 126bpm
Cotton Animals – Body Back (Original Mix) 5:09 / 124bpm
Gorillag – Eggplant (Original Mix) 7:45 / 125bpm
Cotton Animals – Decibel (Original Mix) 5:12 / 125bpm
Deepberry – Better Life (Original Mix) 3:02 / 0bpm
Gorillag – No More I Believe (Original Mix) 5:08 / 126bpm
Soap Bubbles – Relax (Original Mix) 4:48 / 110bpm

Download tech house music in mp3

Tech House is an electronic music genre, a mix of House and Techno. Two musicians, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards, contributed much to Tech House. They were the first ones who mixed House and Techno. However, this genre became truly popular after the Plastic City label had been established in 2000. This genre is characterized by spacious sound, deep bass lines, minimalism and rare percussion grooves. This genre originated in the 1990s in England and the United States. It became popular probably because it was a very interesting and appropriate mix of two genres of electronic music.

Tech House is listened to all over the world and it is performed by millions of artists. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Booka Shade – a band playing electronic music; it was established in Frankfurt in 1995.
  2. Gui Boratto – a Brazilian musician born in 1974 in Sao Paulo.
  3. Klangkarussell – an Austrian duet. The band name is literally translated from German as a merry-go-round of sounds. The band was founded in 2011. Despite the fact that the band is quite young, it has many fans. The band members are Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) is one of their tracks.

You can download free Tech House tracks on our website. If you want to download music, then just find it on our website and download for free. All the best Tech tracks are available in mp3 on our website.