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CineSamples CineStrings Runs KONTAKT CineSamples CineStrings Runs KONTAKT
A comprehensive collection of tempo-locked runs, scales and rips recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

CineStrings RUNS is the most composer-friendly strings scales, runs and rips library in the world. Recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures studios in Los Angeles, CA, CineStrings RUNS compliments both our CineStrings CORE library and our popular Hollywoodwinds library. (The mapping is identical to Hollywoodwinds.) Nothing can make for a more authentic string section sound than the actual recordings of strings runs in a great room. Combined with our advanced script and easy-to-use interface, this is a remarkably convincing library for anyone who needs to add a more realistic flair to their mockups.
Blue Cat Freq Analyst Multi v2.3 MacOSX Blue Cat Freq Analyst Multi v2.3 MacOSX
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 19:58
Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi is a unique multiple tracks real time spectrum analyzer: it lets you visualize the spectral content of several audio tracks on the same screen with extreme smoothness and high resolution, for both time and frequency. It is the ideal solution for mixing: you can use it as a frequency overlap detector and actually see which part of the spectrum every single instrument uses.

It is now also possible to easily compare the spectrum of several instances (for EQ matching or response curve measurement) thanks to the new 'Diff' view which displays the difference between several curves.
Capella-software Capella v8.0.10.2 WiN Capella-software Capella v8.0.10.2 WiN
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 19:58
With capella you can instantly create complete scores … No other notation program will take you by the hand and gently guide you towards your first own score in the manner in which capella does it. There is no need to be fully computer literate - you just follow your musical imagination and capella does the rest. Within no time you will have completed your first score sheet.

capella is everywhere
In the country of Beethoven, Bach and Reger, capella has become the de facto standard for notation editors amongst musicians from all walks of life.
Zplane Bundle (NO INSTALL) WiN Zplane Bundle (NO INSTALL) WiN
Soft / Audio Soft Yesterday, 19:57
Elastique Pitch 2.1.0
Elastique Pitch 1.2.0
ElastiqueAAX 1.1.0
ElastiqueAAX 2.1.3
PPMBatch 1.1.0
PPMulator XL 3.4.0
Sonex Audio Synthesizers KONTAKT Sonex Audio Synthesizers KONTAKT
Legendary Synthesizers: Yamaha DX7, Korg M1, Korg N5, Korg Trinity, Clavia Nord Wave, Clavia Nord Stage, Clavia Nord Modular and Ensoniq TS12.

Nearly 30GB of uncompressed sample content (compressed to 17.2 GB)
12.804 Samples (Kontakt Lossless Sample Compression format)
Built-in Effects: 3-Band Equalizer, Compressor, Saturation, Distortion, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Width, Limiter and more
Full set of effects in the Kontakt settings for further customization
Unique and intuitive GUI has been designed to give you full control over a huge amount of options and effects without slowing down the creative process
Lossless sample compression for better disk streaming
MerzinaryDrumCartel Xcluzive Kollection DAW Templates MerzinaryDrumCartel Xcluzive Kollection DAW Templates
MDC are back with an incredible collection for producers! This kit has it all and is definitely one of the biggest products of the year. Get ready to impress your fans and make some of the hardest beats they have ever heard.

Included in this gigantic collection are a full Drum Kit, Gross Beat Presets, WAV Loops & Samples and a Bonus MIDI Kit with melodies from popular artists such as Lil Pump, Post Malone and Travis Scott.

Do not miss out - at the price this one is unbeatable!
Professional Audio Juli 2019 Professional Audio Juli 2019
Soft / Music Magazines Yesterday, 19:57
16 Antelope Orion 32 HD I Gen 3
Zeitgleich mit dem neuen AD/DA-Wandler Orion 32+ | Gen 3 präsentiert Antelope Audio auch den großen Bruder Orion 32 HD | Gen 3, der sich mit seiner integrierten DigiLink-Schnittstelle insbesondere an „Avid Pro Tools HD"-User richtet und dabei neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Sound und Konnektivität setzt.

Multimedia-Synthesizer mit Software-Anbindung
The Music and Music Theory of Paul Hindemith The Music and Music Theory of Paul Hindemith
Soft / Music Magazines Yesterday, 19:57
The music theory of composer Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), originally entitled Unterweisung im Tonsatz, is well known, yet poorly understood. This book provides a critical engagement with Hindemith's Unterweisung, particularly concerning its relationship to existing acoustic music theories. By examining different Unterweisung-versions, it charts the evolution of Hindemith's useof language and mode of communication, including his reference to polytonality, atonality, Fuxian species counterpoint, and avoidance of existing music for his examples. It also elaborates the sourcematerial on which the theory is based, using a reconstruction of Hindemith's personal library. 
Smokey Loops Ultra Drops 2018 WAV MiDi Smokey Loops Ultra Drops 2018 WAV MiDi
Smokey Loops presents "Ultra Drops 2018”, a great collection of EDM sounds. In this pack you will find inside 5 Construction Kits with Drum Loops, Melody Loops, Midi, Oneshots, all the tools you need to create you own EDM product! Access the MIDI file and take total control of 100% of your sound! Each file is named with Tempo and Key Labeled. Ultra Drops 2018 is 100% Royalty-Free.


Construction Kits:

Afro "D#”
Attack "D#”
Bass "F#”
Jump "G”
Zar "F”
Soundethers Dream Fields KONTAKT Soundethers Dream Fields KONTAKT
"Dream Fields” is a vast collection of playable pads and atmospheres focused on fractured, lonesome glitches, nostalgic, organic moods, field recordings and subtle ASMR-like noisescapes.
​It's a world of small noises and distant radio signals in a lush and breathy tonal fog, in between nature and technology.

All sounds have a different LFO PULSE programmed on the Mod Wheel, and six effects to trigger on the fly (from F6 to A#6, Lo-Fi, Skreamer, Distortion, Saturation, Jump, Chorus).
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