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D16 Group Tekturon v1.0.0 WiN

Soft / Audio Soft 23-05-2017
D16 Group Tekturon v1.0.0 WiN
Enter the Delay Matrix: 16 delay lines all arranged in a sequence to provide you, the creative producer, a level of inspiration and possibility simply unavailable with conventional delays.

Fully-featured delay lines
Each delay line is equipped with its own independent and comprehensive set of parameters for endless tweaking.
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Soft / Audio Soft 5-04-2017
PSP 85 is the product of our eternal fascination with the endless possibilities offered by variable sample rate delay lines. PSP 85 benefits from aggressive algorithm optimization and adds numerous significant new features while retaining full preset and bank compatibility with our renowned PSP 84 delay. The plug-in comes with sixty wild and twisted new presets designed to highlight its exciting new attributes, in addition to a supplementary bank containing more ‘bread and butter’ PSP 84 factory programs.
Boz Digital Labs Imperial Delay v1.5.8-UNION Boz Digital Labs Imperial Delay v1.5.8-UNION
Soft / Audio Soft 20-01-2017
Imperial Delay was designed from the beginning with two goals: Be the most powerful delay, and be easy to use. As it turns out, those two requirements tend to be at odds with each other. Some delays give you lots of control but require you to get out your lab coat and calculator in order to use it. Other delays sound great with only a couple knobs, but give you almost no options. Imperial Delay does both. 

Every option that you would need in a delay is available at the twist of a single knob. If you need more control over those effects, you can enter the advanced controls and experiment to your heart’s content.

Boz Digital Labs’ new preset management system lets you save presets that go far beyond your DAW’s preset saving ability.

Artificial Audio Obelisk v1.1 MacOSX Incl.Serial READ NFO-HEXWARS Artificial Audio Obelisk v1.1 MacOSX Incl.Serial READ NFO-HEXWARS
Soft / Audio Soft 12-11-2016

OBELISK is a spectral multi effect whose sound possibilities and graphic user interface raise the area of spectral sound processing to a completely new level. OBELISK combines a SPECTRAL DELAY, a SPECTRAL FILTER and a SPECTRAL GATE to a multi effect that not only sounds excellent but also enables an extremely intuitive and musical operation, in spite of hundreds of effect parameters. With OBELISK you can draw your effect and with the aid of graphic lines control a multitude of effect parameters in a very simple and descriptive manner.

With its 2-dimensional LFOs, OBELISK creates completely innovative modulation possibilities by means of which the processed signal transforms into an endlessly changing sound layer. In spite of the comprehensive possibilities it provides for sound processing and modulation, OBELISK requires very little computing power, thanks to its high performing vector algorithms.

OBELISK has a high quality spectral analysis and synthesis. The audio signal can be split into 256 or 512 individual frequency bands that can be independently processed with effects. OBELISK ensures an excellent audio quality and requires very little computing power as a result of its highly optimized vector algorithms.

With OBELISK you control all the parameters via a unique graphic user-interface. The ANALYSER POINT VIEW constitutes the central unit for processing the SPECTRAL DELAY, SPECTRAL FILTER and SPECTRAL GATE. In this respect you control hundreds of effect parameters by means of drawing graphic lines, the so-called EFFECT LINES. In spite of the abundance of parameters that spectral sound processing provides, it is possible to operate extremely intuitively and almost musically.
Each EFFECT LINE consists of up to 10 EFFECT POINTS that determine the course of the line. The REAL-TIME ANALYSER SPECTRUM with which you can optically follow all the sound changes to the audio signal is situated underneath the EFFECT LINES.

Our patch is only for server check.
READ HEXWARS.txt! All of it !

Image-Line Effector v1.0.4-ZODiACK Image-Line Effector v1.0.4-ZODiACK
Soft / Audio Soft 17-09-2016
Effector provides 12 performance oriented effects that can be used one at a time. The large center X/Y pad (X/Y parm knobs) can be linked to controllers for expressive control or used with a touch interface. 

More effect on your effects

Effector allows you to select one of the 12 performance oriented effects and change them to customized sounds. 

12 Effects




Expressive Control on effects

Gain Control
Modulation Controls
X / Y Param
Dry / Wet
X/Y Pad
LFO Modulation Parameters
Tempo switches (8/1 to 1/8)
X Mod & Y Mod