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NEW The Beato Book 3.0 NEW The Beato Book 3.0
Soft / Music Magazines 14-09-2019
A Creative Approach to Contemporary Music Theory and Improvisation for all Instruments

Updated with many new examples and Guitar Tablature (TAB)

First new edition in 2 years!
Updated with new examples
Including Rick's specific fingerings
Guitar tablature
NOW 468 Pages!
Transformational Piano Teaching Mentoring Students From All Walks of Life Transformational Piano Teaching Mentoring Students From All Walks of Life
Soft / Music Magazines 12-09-2019
Transformational Piano Teaching: Mentoring Students from All Walks of Life examines the concept of the piano teacher as someone who is more than just a teacher of a musical skill, but also someone who wields tremendous influence on the development of a young person's artistic and empathic potential, as well as their lifelong personal motivational framework. The specific attributes of today's students are explored, including family and peer influences from interpersonal relationships to social media. 
Sonic Writing Technologies of Material Symbolic and Signal Inscriptions Sonic Writing Technologies of Material Symbolic and Signal Inscriptions
Soft / Music Magazines 12-09-2019
Sonic Writing explores how contemporary music technologies trace their ancestry to previous forms of instruments and media. Studying the domains of instrument design, musical notation, and sound recording under the rubrics of material, symbolic, and signal inscriptions of sound, the book describes how these historical techniques of sonic writing are implemented in new digital music technologies. 
The Art of Record Production Volume 2 Creative Practice in the Studio The Art of Record Production Volume 2 Creative Practice in the Studio
Soft / Music Magazines 7-09-2019
The playback of recordings is the primary means of experiencing music in contemporary society, and in recent years 'classical' musicologists and popular music theorists have begun to examine the ways in which the production of recordings affects not just the sound of the final product but also musical aesthetics more generally. Record production can, indeed, be treated as part of the creative process of composition. At the same time, training in the use of these forms of technology has moved from an apprentice-based system into university education. Musical education and music research are thus intersecting to produce a new academic field: the history and analysis of the production of recorded music. This book is designed as a general introductory reader, a text book for undergraduate degree courses studying the creative processes involved in the production of recorded music. 
Learn to Play Drums Volume 2 Learn to Play Drums Volume 2
Soft / Music Magazines 7-09-2019
Master the Drum Kit and Learn to Play Drums Like a Pro
The second book in a comprehensive guide to playing the drums for beginners

The second book in a comprehensive guide to playing the drums for beginners
A complete guide to the fundamental techniques and beats of playing drums
Master heel-up bass drum technique and 1/16th note patterns,
Discover the three essential grip variations and what you can do with them
Learn displacement patterns to improve your groove
Play advanced open and accented hi-hat patterns
Dominate velocity control on drums
Good Music What It Is and Who Gets to Decide Good Music What It Is and Who Gets to Decide
Soft / Music Magazines 4-09-2019
Over the past two centuries Western culture has largely valorized a particular kind of "good” music—highly serious, wondrously deep, stylistically authentic, heroically created, and strikingly original—and, at the same time, has marginalized music that does not live up to those ideals.

In Good Music, John J. Sheinbaum explores these traditional models for valuing music. By engaging examples such as Handel oratorios, Beethoven and Mahler symphonies, jazz improvisations, Bruce Springsteen, and prog rock, he argues that metaphors of perfection do justice to neither the perceived strengths nor the assumed weaknesses of the music in question. Instead, he proposes an alternative model of appreciation where abstract notions of virtue need not dictate our understanding. Good music can, with pride, be playful rather than serious, diverse rather than unified, engaging to both body and mind, in dialogue with manifold styles and genres, and collaborative to the core. We can widen the scope of what music we value and reconsider the conventional rituals surrounding it, while retaining the joys of making music, listening closely, and caring passionately.
Guitar Techniques 50 Licks Of The Legends 2019 Guitar Techniques 50 Licks Of The Legends 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 4-09-2019
50 Licks Of The Legends! To celebrate our Issue 300 we've commissioned one of the biggest and best features ever. Take 10 genres - blues, rock and roll, classic rock, hard rock, prog, instrumental, jazz, fusion, funk and jazz - then select licks from each one's top five exponents. It's a whole new lickbag! If you play acoustic we have two brilliant lessons: one is UK genius picker Clive Carroll paying homage to his hero John Renbourn; the other is Bridget Mermikides's phenomenal take on The Entertainer, by Scott Joplin. Plus: Mattias IA Eklund 'freak guitar' video lesson; Clapton's 'Beano' album and Carlos Santana's 'Smooth' style licks explained. And loads more!
Computer Music - Autumn 2019 Computer Music - Autumn 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 4-09-2019
Computer Music magazine is the complete guide to making great music with your Mac and PC. Each month, you can find easy-to-follow guides for all sorts of music production techniques, high-quality video tutorials, unbiased reviews of the latest products plus answers to your technical questions. Computer Music brings you the best in tutorials, reviews, news and features, and no matter whether you’re a complete newcomer to computer-based music production or a seasoned pro, there’s plenty for you in every issue.
Beat Ausgabe 10/2019 Beat Ausgabe 10/2019
Soft / Music Magazines 4-09-2019
Ob Hobbymusiker, Homerecorder oder Studioprofi: Wer produziert, landet früher oder später beim Thema Ergonomie und Dämmung. Und zwar immer wieder, denn die Ansprüche steigen mit der Zeit und die Anforderungen an Ihr Studio ändern sich. Freuen Sie sich auf zahlreiche Tricks zu Akustik und Ergonomie, mit denen sich jedes Studio effizient einrichten und optimieren lässt, teils auch mit unkonventionellen Mitteln. Dabei stellen wir Ihnen auch zahlreiche Ideen vor, wie Sie Ikea-Produkte in praktische Studiomöbel verwandeln. Ärmel hochgekrempelt und los geht’s!
Blue The Color of Noise Blue The Color of Noise
Soft / Music Magazines 3-09-2019
The music. The mix. His life.

Blue is the remarkable story—in pictures and words—of Steve Aoki, the superstar DJ/producer who started his career as a vegan straightedge hardcore music kid hellbent on defying his millionaire father, whose unquenchable thirst to entertain—inherited from his dad, Rocky Aoki, founder of Benihana—led him to global success and two Grammy nominations.

Ranked among the top ten DJs in the world today, Grammy-nominated artist, producer, label head, fashion designer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Steve Aoki is an authentic global trendsetter and tastemaker who has been instrumental in defining contemporary youth culture. 
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