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Computer Music May 2015 Computer Music May 2015
Soft / Music Magazines 30-07-2019
Take the mystery out of this amazing synthesis method and see how easy it is to program the world’s finest FM synths, DEAD MAN’S CHEST - The jungle revivalist has been cooking up a retro storm using modern software – see first-hand how he creates his tunes. 10 TECHNO TIPS - A score of fresh techniques – all with video, natch – for nailing that pounding techno vibe. 
Guitarist Summer 2019 Guitarist Summer 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 26-07-2019
Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine. You'll find authoritative gear reviews, artist interviews, technique lessons and advice. Plus, Guitarist's digital edition now includes all of the same audio and video content as the print edition; available to download from a special area of the Guitarist website!
Ernest Bloch Studies (Cambridge Composer Studies) Ernest Bloch Studies (Cambridge Composer Studies)
Soft / Music Magazines 25-07-2019
Ernest Bloch left his native Switzerland to settle in the United States in 1916. One of the great twentieth-century composers, he was influenced by a range of genres and styles - Jewish, American and Swiss - and his works reflect his lifelong struggle with his identity. Drawing on firsthand recollections of relatives and others who knew and worked with the composer, this collection is the most comprehensive study to date of Bloch's life, musical achievement and reception. Contributors present the latest research on Bloch's works and compositional practice, including studies of his Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service), violin pieces such as Nigun, the symphonic Schelomo, and the opera Macbeth. Setting the quality and significance of Bloch's output in its historical and cultural contexts, this book provides scholarly analyses as well as a full chronology, list of online resources, catalogue of published and unpublished works, and selected further reading.
Future Music - September 2019 Future Music - September 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 25-07-2019
Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind modern electronic and forward-thinking music. Packed with inspiration for today's modern musician there's reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where a broad range of artists take apart their tracks on video for our cover-mounted DVD. Add in thousands of exclusive free-to-use samples and audio to accompany our lessons and reviews and you've the ultimate package, designed to keep any cutting-edge musician or producer at the top of their game.
Music Law How to Run Your Band's Business 9th Edition Music Law How to Run Your Band's Business 9th Edition
Soft / Music Magazines 20-07-2019
How to make your band a huge business success

Whether you’re recording an album, budgeting a tour, or insuring your vintage guitar, you need solid information to make the right legal and business choices.

Music Law is the all-in-one guide you need. Written by musician and lawyer Rich Stim, it explains everything you need to: 
Mixing a Musical Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques Second Edition Mixing a Musical Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques Second Edition
Soft / Music Magazines 20-07-2019
Mixing a Musical: Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques, Second Edition pulls the curtain back on one of the least understood careers in live theatre: the role and responsibilities of the sound technician.

This comprehensive book encompasses every position from shop crew labor to assistant designer to sound board operator and everything in between. Written in a clear and easy to read style, and illustrated with real-world examples of personal experience and professional interviews, Slaton shows you how to mix live theatre shows from the basics of equipment and set ups, using sound levels to creating atmosphere, emotion and tension to ensure a first rate performance every time.
The Hum of the World A Philosophy of Listening The Hum of the World A Philosophy of Listening
Soft / Music Magazines 19-07-2019
The Hum of the World is an invitation to contemplate what would happen if we heard the world as attentively as we see it. Balancing big ideas with playful wit and lyrical prose, this imaginative volume identifies the role of sound in Western experience as the primary medium in which the presence and persistence of life acquire tangible form. 
Drama in the Music of Franz Schubert Drama in the Music of Franz Schubert
Soft / Music Magazines 18-07-2019
It is commonly assumed that Franz Schubert (1797-1828), best known for the lyricism of his songs, symphonies, and chamber music, lacked comparable talent for drama. Challenging this view, Drama in the Music of Franz Schubert provides a timely re-evaluation of Schubert's operatic works, while demonstrating previously unsuspected locations of dramatic innovation in his vocal and instrumental music. The volume draws on a range of critical approaches and techniques, including semiotics, topic theory, literary criticism, narratology, and Schenkerian analysis, to situate Schubertian drama within its musical and cultural-historical context.
MusicTech August 2019 MusicTech August 2019
Soft / Music Magazines 18-07-2019
Performing your music to an audience is always a daunting experience, whether you’ve never played live before in your entire life or if you’re on show 52 of a non-stop tour. There’s always that potential for things to go wrong, for your gear to fail or for the crowd to simply not get what you’re trying to do with your music. It stands to reason then, that preparation is key to feeling more comfortable on stage and thus being able to enjoy the experience – which ultimately translates to audience satisfaction. Martin Delaney (perhaps the most ‘outgoing’ of our writing team in this regard) has penned our cover feature this month, which elucidates numerous aspects of going live; from setting up your gear to fine-tuning your performance style.
Sounding Composition Multimodal Pedagogies for Embodied Listening Sounding Composition Multimodal Pedagogies for Embodied Listening
Soft / Music Magazines 17-07-2019
In Sounding Composition Steph Ceraso reimagines listening education to account for twenty-first-century sonic practices and experiences. Sonic technologies such as audio editing platforms and music software allow students to control sound in ways that were not always possible for the average listener. While digital technologies have presented new opportunities for teaching listening in relation to composing, they also have resulted in a limited understanding of how sound works in the world at large.