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SampleCraze EQ Uncovered 2nd Edition SampleCraze EQ Uncovered 2nd Edition
Soft / Music Magazines 5-04-2018
How many times have you wanted a simple, clear explanation of EQ, but instead been confused by all the endless technical jargon? How many times have you sat there scratching your head, wanting to EQ your drums, vocals and the whole mix, but not known where to start? Do you know what sound you want, but always find yourself just aimlessly twiddling knobs and hoping for the best?
Beat Magazin Mai 2018 Beat Magazin Mai 2018
Soft / Music Magazines 5-04-2018
Für alle, denen Handbücher ein Gräuel, Recording-Fachbücher zu trocken und stundenlanges Suchen im Web einfach zu doof sind, trägt Beat die 99 besten Power-Tricks zusammen, die das Leben im Desktop-Studio leichter machen. Ein Almanach mit allen wichtigen Antworten rund um die Themen Recording, Produktion, Mixing, Mastering, Workflow, Akustik, Synthese und Arrangement. 

Girls at the Piano by Virginia Lloyd Girls at the Piano by Virginia Lloyd
Soft / Music Magazines 29-03-2018
Virginia Lloyd spent much of her childhood and adolescence learning and playing the piano and thought she would make a career as a pianist. When that didn't happen, she spent a long time wondering about those years of study: had they been wasted? What was their purpose? This intriguing memoir explores those questions and investigates the mystery of the author's very musical and deeply unhappy grandmother Alice, and how their lives—both at and away from the piano—intersected and diverged.

Girls at the Piano also explores the changing relationship between women and the piano over the course of the instrument's history, taking us from the salons of 18th-century Europe to an amateur jazz workshop in Manhattan in the early 21st century.
Music and Shape by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson‎ Helen M. Prior Music and Shape by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson‎ Helen M. Prior
Soft / Music Magazines 29-03-2018
Shape is a concept widely used in talk about music. Musicians in classical, popular, jazz and world musics use it to help them rehearse, teach and think about what they do. Yet why is a word that seems to require something to see or to touch so useful to describe something that sounds?
Monetizing Entertainment An Insiders Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment and Music Industry Monetizing Entertainment An Insiders Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment and Music Industry
Soft / Music Magazines 29-03-2018
Monetizing Entertainment: An Insider's Handbook for Careers in the Entertainment & Music Industry offers a thorough, guided exploration of the current state of the industry, with an emphasis on trends in copyright, digital streaming, and practical advice for developing a career as an artist, technician, or industry executive. 
Computational Intelligence in Music Sound Art and Design PDF Computational Intelligence in Music Sound Art and Design PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 26-03-2018
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization, EvoMUSART 2018, held in Parma, Italy, in April 2018, co-located with the Evo*2017 events EuroGP, EvoCOP and EvoApplications.

Springer Frontiers of Sound in Design Springer Frontiers of Sound in Design
Soft / Music Magazines 25-03-2018
This book serves as a guide to developing and designing the right sound to enhance a product’s identity, its use, its affordance and its acceptance by consumers. It is of interest to designers, researchers, R&D departments, marketing experts and industries involved in the exploration of the new frontiers now offered by sound. We are all immersed in an intangible world of sounds; however, the fact that only an infinitesimal part of the sound to which we are exposed has been wittingly created is often ignored.

Computer Music May 2018 PDF Computer Music May 2018 PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 23-03-2018
Start-to-finish keys course | FREE Scale Player MIDI plugin | Dave Clarke interview | 3 sample packs | Tom Hades 90-min studio video | Arturia VC6 & Logic Pro 10.4 guides… and more!
MusicTech - April 2018 MusicTech - April 2018
Soft / Music Magazines 23-03-2018
Emulating the artists that inspired us in our many music-making ventures is as much about rekindling those feelings as it is knowing how the sounds were created. In our cover feature this month we show you how to get impossibly close to the sonic signatures left by your musical heroes. Continuing the theme we present our newest feature ‘Recording Spotlight,’ where we speak to Peter Franco, engineer on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and gain insight into the complex, painstaking work that went into creating this modern classic. Additionally, we sit down with dance-music producer Stefano Ritteri and rising UK production star Rhiannon Mair, get into the meat of Cubase 9.5 and get hands-on with all the latest gear, tech and software. We hope you enjoy the issue…

Nicholas Cook Music as Creative Practice Nicholas Cook Music as Creative Practice
Soft / Music Magazines 21-03-2018
Until recently, ideas of creativity in music revolved around composers in garrets and the lone genius. But the last decade has witnessed a sea change: musical creativity is now overwhelmingly thought of in terms of collaboration and real-time performance. Music as Creative Practice is a first attempt to synthesize both perspectives. It begins by developing the idea that creativity arises out of social interaction-of which making music together is perhaps the clearest possible illustration-and then shows how the same thinking can be applied to the ostensively solitary practices of composition. The book also emphasizes the contextual dimensions of musical creativity, ranging from the prodigy phenomenon, long-term collaborative relationships within and beyond the family, and creative learning to the copyright system that is supposed to incentivize creativity but is widely seen as inhibiting it.