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Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Impulse Responses

Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Impulse Responses
Impulse responses sets intended for use in post production. These sets contain lots of sampled small rooms, cars, other interiors and also exteriors like streets, alleys sports stadiums and caverns. All impulse response are available in Mono and Stereo and most also in Quad (for surround).

Alcatraz prison
Peter Steinbach kindly shared the IR recordings he did in Alcatraz for all Altiverb users. Peter recorded three depths in the main cell block and some perspectives from the solitary confinement cell. He recorded using DPA 4006 omni mics and a Genelec 1031a speaker on a Deva 4 recorder.

World's biggest spring reverb (J. van Grieken)
Jochem van Grieken writes: "An experiment with extremely long spring reverbs. For this one I suspended 100 meters of 3.5mm galvanized steel in a long hallway. Audio Ease's initial reaction was 'oh my god: Yes'. And after we heard the output of this monster we thought: 'oh my god: Yes'. Recorded with 4 DPA 4006's for clarity and 4 Piezo's for the sounds in the wire.

Bob Marleys 1973 Bathroom.irbulk
Fattoria Musica.irbulk
Festspielhaus BadenBaden.1.irbulk
Gasholder Sneek 1.irbulk
Great Pyramid of Giza 1.irbulk
Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik.irbulk
Hardenbergstrasse Berlin.irbulk
Harpa Eldborg Reykjavik.irbulk
Joseph Joachim Hall.irbulk
Kings College Chapel CambridgeUK.2.irbulk
Kings College Chapel CambridgeUK.irbulk
Lanxess Arena Koeln.1.irbulk
Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, NL
Next Door III Coll 1.irbulk
Opera of Ghent 1.irbulk
Sallede Musique Chauxde Fonds.irbulk
SARM West Plates.irbulk
SARM West Studios.irbulk
Satsop Cooling Tower Bob Schwenkler 1.irbulk
Selimiye Mosque.irbulk
Selimiye Mosque 2.irbulk
Sound Kitchen studio A Nashville 1.irbulk
Sound Kitchen the big boy Nashville 1.irbulk
Subway tunnel, Noordzuidlijn.irbulk
Subway tunnel, Noordzuidlijn 2.irbulk
Wembley Stadium London 1.irbulk
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In Session Audio Fluid Harmonics KONTAKT In Session Audio Fluid Harmonics KONTAKT
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Why guitar harmonics?

They have a familiar yet mystical sound to them. A purity and clarity. You can tell it’s guitar – but there’s something a bit different – something special. More sparkle. More chime.
unEarthed Sampling Tension Hits2 KONTAKT DISCOVER SYNTHiC4TE unEarthed Sampling Tension Hits2 KONTAKT DISCOVER SYNTHiC4TE
Tension Hits 2 is the sequel to Soft Tension Hits. Where STH focuses on soft tension filled hits from unlikely sources... TH2 focuses more on in your face loud and epic impacts. All of these impacts come from unconventional sources such as chairs, tubes, stage hits, doors, sticks, metal shelves, and candelabras. We even recorded ensemble stomps on the stage which sound HUGE and epic! Tension Hits 2 is a wealth of instant inspiration stemming from unconventional percussion sources. There are no loops or phrases here, these are all multisampled recordings meticulously recorded via a very nice matched pair mic set.

Speaking of recording.. these were all recorded in a large old hall built in the late 1800s so they all have a very cool air about them. In fact, the hall is featured in our very cool GUI art by Glyn Lloyd. All of the patches (save for one of the two stomps patches) feature 4 X RR.

The GUI features some easily tweakable controls to really change the sound of each of the patches. These tweaks include Attack, Release, Lo, Mid, and Hi gain knobs, and the indispensable pitch knob. The toggleable covolution reverb makes these sound HUGE and we even included 13 easily selectable impulse responses.

For the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2+

Soniccouture Thunder Drum KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX AKADEMiC Soniccouture Thunder Drum KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX AKADEMiC
We found our Thunder Drum on an obscure island somewhere in Indonesia, but they are available in many countries around the world.

A Thunder Drum is made with a spring attached to the skin, so when it is shaken the spring moves and creates a continuous resonance through the body of the instrument. This results in a sound very much like thunder. The drums come in various shapes and sizes, and are sometimes known by other names such as Thunder Tube, Spring Drum, or, Thunder Maker.

For this instrument we recorded a variety of rumbles, peals of thunder, strikes, and special effects using contact mics. As the samples were intended to be manipulated, pitch shifted and mangled, the recordings were made at 96 kHz. The sounds can be pitched very low and still have some interesting high frequency content when working at full resolution.

Cupwise FX Raybon & Norland-B Spring Reverbs Nebula Cupwise FX Raybon & Norland-B Spring Reverbs Nebula
This set includes two very different sounding spring reverbs. The ‘Raybon’ hardware actually has two separate sets of springs in it, producing a stereo reverb (and was sampled as such). The 'Nolard' part of this library was made from the same model I used for my previous Nolard Spring set, but a different actual unit was used. Both reverbs have EQ controls which were sampled for use here, and I don’t know of anyone else doing this in Nebula reverbs. 

The Raybon EQ control acts as a tilt EQ, going from bassy to trebly. The Nolard EQ control in my previous Nolard set was a tilt style, but here I sampled it differently. The control in this one goes from both full treble and bass boosts on one side, to full treble/bass cut on the other (emphasizing the mids, and giving a very unique, distant sounding reverb).

Again I’ve included the ‘fade’ control that allows you to dial in something like a dampening effect, and also the feedback control. These controls all allow you to shape the reverb quite a bit, unlike most reverb programs where you are stuck with one sound. There are also 2 mono variations of the ‘Raybon’ reverb. One uses only the left channel, the other was made by mixing the separate left/right channel reverbs together, which gives a slightly denser sound. There are also ‘lite’ versions which you can use to more quickly find the settings you want while listening to your mix, before finally switching to the higher quality program for rendering.

I’ve refined some of my methods even further here than before, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that especially the Raybon reverb in this set is probably the most complexly designed Nebula reverb there is. A lot is crammed into these effects, and you get a lot with this library (the 96khz set is just over 1gb)

NOTICE Nebula Needed and to use the 96khz version of this set, you need a 64-bit version of Nebula.
Synth Magic Tandberg KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX Synth Magic Tandberg KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX
Tandberg synth for Kontakt 4.2.3 and higher(full retail version of Kontakt is required)
This Kontakt synth is based on sounds taken from various analogue keyboards and synths and recorded through valves to a Tandberg domestic Cassette deck which was then sampled and mapped into Kontakt.

Instruments used comprise Jen Piano 73(lovely analogue piano that is becoming quite a sort after instrument), Jen DK-20, Moog Prodigy, various Italian synths, Skyline 49 and more.

The sound of The Tandberg synth has a low-fi, earthy and organic quality to it thanks to the tapes and valves used.
All waveforms are availble from a simple drop down menu from the main GUI and the whole thing is very simple to use without th eneed to constantly load in different waveforms - All waveforms are already loaded and easily accessed.

Instrument comes with 3 screens to it's user inteface: The main synth, control page and effects page with Delays, chorus, phasers, Impulse response reverbs with lots of great impulses.

Tandberg will add a unique flavour to your recordings by using it in the background or maybe make a full track using only the sounds from Tandberg and
come up with something that you may have never come up with using other synths and effects.

Sample Diggers In The Field Vol 1 WAV Sample Diggers In The Field Vol 1 WAV
In the field Vol 1 is a comprehensive sample library of field recordings, found sounds and SFX.

The sounds were captured from many locations around the world such as Mauritius, Greece, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

The sample library features many natural impact sounds that include smashes, crashes, drops, door bangs and creeks. The pack also includes sounds from nature such as bird song, oceans waves and long natural ambience recordings. Some of the samples are over a minute long and have many sounds within them that can be cropped out. You will also find animal samples, motors, traffic, household, water and a plethora of natural percussion sounds, which all can be used in music production, film and game audio.

There are 3 folders included in the pack. You get the raw recorded sounds that have only been levelled and faded, then you also get some produced SFX created from raw sounds and out-takes that were not included. As a bonus you also get 26 Sci FX.

There were a few different microphones used to capture the recordings in the library. Coil microphones are used to record interference from laptops, televisions, WIFI routers and any other electrical devices that gave off an interesting sound. Hydrophone and contact mics were also used to collect water sounds and unusual scrapes on metal and wood.

There are over 1.3gb of samples included, all recorded at 24bit, 44.1khz. All the files are named, so there easy to search in your favourite DAW or sampler.

The pack was created by sound designer and producer Danny Modular and the demo track was produced by Atma.


24 Bit Quality
178 Raw Found Sound Samples
26 Bonus Sci Fi SFX
18 Ambience Samples
6 Coil Mic Samples
24 Natural Impact Samples
5 Instrument Samples
8 Motor Samples
34 Object Samples
1 People Sample
2 Sports Samples
9 Water Samples
63 Produced Samples
The Raw samples contain
6 Animal Samples
5 Hydrophone Samples
2 Industrial Samples
11 Kitchen Samples
8 Nature Samples
6 Ocean Samples
20 Percussion Samples
10 Transport Samples