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Erik Jackson Presents Dirty Rotten WAV

Erik Jackson Presents Dirty Rotten WAV
Welcome back to the technology of the 1990’s

Dirty Drums and Dirty Bass tones sampled, layered and filtered with the Akai S900 and Akai MPC 3000. It’s as simple as that.

No Plug in’s. No Maschine in vintage modes. Just Vintage Machines doing what they do best.

Erik Jackson's - Dirty Rotten contains 95 individual one shots, crafted layer by layer and recorded floppy disks.

Kit features:

25 Crafted Kicks
25 Crafted Snares
25 Crafted Hi Hats
20 Crafted Bass Tones (Low Tones Warning)

About the gear:

The S900 sampler was Akai's first truly professional sampler, released in 1986. Its sampling specifications were pro-quality at the time: 12-bit stereo sampling, 7.5kHz to 40kHz variable sampling rates and a maximum of 63 seconds of sample time at 7.5kHz. Up to 32 samples can be created and stored to disk along with any edit settings.

The MPC3000 improved upon the MPC60 by adding 16-bit 44.1 kHz stereo sampling, increased memory, 32 voice polyphony, effects, filters, and SCSI. Akai released it in 1994.

This is an ALL Drum sample pack. The demo was made on the MPC 2500.

Get Real! Get dirty!
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Erik Jackson Presents Night Moves WAV Erik Jackson Presents Night Moves WAV
Just in time for that winter side project. Erik Jackson comes with an 80’s vintage throwback. Full of analog drums, pads, arps and bass. Samples are broken down into chordal folders of Am - Cm - Gm. These include, Ambience and Arpeggios.These sounds were not recorded as loops. but could easy be used to loop and tweak. All of these samples have a natural decay. This entire sample pack is created in 3 chords and scales - A minor - C minor - G minor. Load the proper sounds in your sampler and tear it up. Like before, this is a very creative pack, made for very creative individuals. Erik also provided some breakbeats to chop and some crusty one shots to play with. He also thew in the Arpeggios midi files..Load then into your own synth and add layers to your song. 

The demo was recorded in real time, going back and fourth between his Maschine and MPC. No extra sounds were added.

All samples were recorded straight from the drum machine or synth to an Akai tape machine.

Tape saturation and deep tones from the soul and oscillators from: 

Erik Jackson Presents Analog Artistry WAV Erik Jackson Presents Analog Artistry WAV
Welcome to Analog Artistry by Erik Jackson

Analog Artistry was created with a beat maker in mind. Analog Artistry was recorded in C Minor at 90 BPM. Every sound in this kit will work perfectly together, giving you thousands of musical options.

Analog Artistry is broken down into these categories:

Arps - All of the arps were created by syncing 3 Moog synthesizers to the Moog Mother 32. The Mother sequenced and processed the 3 Moogs together perfectly. They are very dynamic and will fit great in your song.

Bass - The bass was recorded as sweeps, meaning you are getting much more than a simple loop. These are over 30 seconds of analog bass, filtered and processed to give you the best sampling options. You can easily sample multiple portions of the same bass with different phases of analog processing.

Pads - The pads were another multi analog synth creation. The Moog Sub Phatty and the Roland SH101 were fed to the Moog Mother 32. The Mother added a single LFO and processing the different oscillators together for a moving and ambient pad, full of analog vibes.

Drums - All of the drums were recorded from the Elektron Analog Rytm 8. All of the drums were recorded into the MPC 3000, layered and recorded to analog tape. They were recorded as one shots. 47 heavy hitting one shots inside…beware of heavy rumbles!

Analog Artistry is a complete analog sample pack. No plug-ins was used in the creation of this pack.

The demo was recorded in real time using an MPC 2500. Low bass warning. Use headphones if not on a proper system.

Bob Moog and Redman vocals are for demo purposes only. Everything else in the demo is included in the sample packs.
Erik Jackson Presents Midnight Melodies 2 WAV Erik Jackson Presents Midnight Melodies 2 WAV
Professional Sound Designer and Musician Erik Jackson is back with another must have original sample & drum library that is a MUST have for your production arsenal. 

Welcome back to Midnight Melodies

Erik revisited the Wurlitzer used in Midnight Melodies Vol. 1, he love the sound of this so much he decided he had to record some more! This time Erik played chords and melodies at the same time. These were played at 90 BPM and drenched with the lonely tones of the Wurlitzer.

He played a series of 7th and 11th chords in A minor - C minor - E minor, for layering and also painstakingly layered the Wurlitzer with a Roland SH 101 to create some very lush Pads.

Erik used the Minimoog Voyager to create a variety of synth and bass one shots.

For drums he created one shots by layering tones with the Elektron Analog Rytm 8. These drums pack a punch!

Each of the samples were created and divided into 3 chordal categories. A minor - C minor - E minor. These are emotional sounding keys and work well to express emotion.

"Theory tips"

A minor = C Major

C minor = Eb Maj

E minor = G Maj

In music, relative keys are the major and minor scales that have the same key signature. A pair of major and minor scales sharing the same key signature are said to be in a relative relationship.

Everything was recorded through Neve Pre amps and processed through EMI Vintage Plate Reverb and mixed on the SSL AWS 900, then recorded to a Studar tape machine for saturation.

The sounds are not cut as perfect loops; I left the tails on, for chopping them into new samples. They can be looped at 90 bpm.

Load the proper sounds in your sampler and begin creating. This is a very creative pack, made for very creative individuals.

The demo was recorded in real-time, going back and fourth between my two MPCs . No extra sounds were added.

Midnight Melodies 2 represents 6 months of recording and processing. I hope you enjoy! -Erik Jackson
Erik Jackson Presents Smoke Breaks WAV Erik Jackson Presents Smoke Breaks WAV
Introducing another original banger! Smoke Breaks by Erik Jackson, The Drum Broker's A-List sound designer and drum architect.

Smoke Breaks is the next installment in Erik Jackson's Original Breaks series (Breaks, Rainy Day Breaks, and Dusted Crates)

Smoke Breaks features: 50 Live Drum breaks and 45 one shots!!

The breaks were recorded with an all-analog chain. No plug in effects used. All drums were played at 93BPM with plenty of Soul!

The samples were recorded with the Audix DP7 drum microphone pack using a combination of a Universal Audio, 4-710D, Universal Audio 2 610 and 3 Rupert Neve Portico pre amps.

If that is not enough, Erik fed everything through the pre amps into an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor and finally recorded to them Studer A800 Tape Machine.

If you desire a more processed sound, Erik loaded some of the one shots into the MPC 2000XL and began to pitch and layer them to taste.

Be prepared to chop in your favorite sampler and make some hits. Again, this is a Breaks Only Pack (with one shots). The demo song has other instruments to show you how great these will sound with your own samples.

Demo was made with an MPC 2000XL, Ableton Live and a turntable in real time


Gear Used:

Universal Audio 4-710D 1 Dual Mono Manley Pre amp

Universal Audio 2 610

Rupert Neve Portico pre amps

Audix DP7 Microphone pack

SSL AWS 9000

Studer A800 Tape Machine
Erik Jackson Presents Future Vibes WAV Erik Jackson Presents Future Vibes WAV
Future Vibes. The latest must have creation from Professional Sound Designer & Producer, Erik Jackson.

Follow the layered analog signal flow of 4 Synthesizers to lush soundscapes that are Future Vibes. The Future Vibes sample pack is composed of the following layered Synthesizers:

Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Minitaur
Moog Little Phatty
Roland SH101

Enter the Future Vibes Analog Signal Chain:

Each Synthesizer was run through its own Avalon 737 Pre-Amp, shaped with a Universal Audio TwinFinity, and finally processed using the Van Amps Reverbmate. From there, Future Vibes was recorded through an SSL AWS 900 to a Studer A810 Tape Machine.

As always, Erik Jackson broke the sample pack down into the following chord groups:

A Minor
C Minor
E Minor

Future Vibes is broken down into the following folder structure for easy access:


The Ambience Section allows you to pick your key and begin laying out the chordal structure of your song. The Phrases Section allows you to add some melodic structure to your song. The Bass Section has very deep & oscillating bass tones (Long One Shots). Erik Jackson also created 30 loop drum breaks to chop using his Akai MPC 2000XL.

Get your samplers ready! Expand your production horizon utilizing true Analog Synthesizers & an ALL Analog Signal Chain
Producers Choice J Dilla Boom Bap Phonetics Drum Kit WAV Producers Choice J Dilla Boom Bap Phonetics Drum Kit WAV
Our sound designers painstakingly mimicked the EXACT drum sounds used by J Dilla, Kev Brown & Mad Lib.

The Boom Bap Phonetics drum kit is the 'go to' drum library for Boom Bap drum samples. The kit captures J Dilla's signature styled drums by using the same filtering techniques, creative EQ & compression, and drum machines as the legendary producer.

This J Dilla inspired drum kit is packed with over 170+ drum samples, crafted using the following equipment:

• Akai MPC3000
• SP-303 Sampler
• P-505 Sampler
• Technics Turntables w/ Dirty Vinyl Drums
• MPC READY - pgm files included so you can load into your unit fast and easily!

Each sound was recorded from vinyl record and split tested through different chains to get the perfect boom bap sound:

• 1200 → Preamp → Sp 303 → Product
• 1200 → Preamp → Sp 505 → Product
• 1200 → Sp 303 → Product
• 1200 → Sp 505 → Product
• 1200 → Preamp → Sp 303 → Mpc 3000 → Product
• 1200 → Preamp → Sp 505 → Mpc 3000 → Product
• Num → Preamp → Sp 303 → Mpc 3000 → Product
• Num → Preamp → Sp 505 → Mpc 3000 → Product

This kit has become the 'go to' kit for hundreds of leading producers - and now you can benefit from a real, authentic boom bap flavour.