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The Drum Sample Twelve Bit Soul WAV

The Drum Sample Twelve Bit Soul WAV
Straight from the Divided Souls Productions sound lab comes a collection of kicks, snares, and percussion that has been simmering in the cauldron, waiting to be released to the world in all of their 12-Bit glory. While many kits boldly claim to have their origin in the E-mu SP-1200, these elements were recorded directly from the vintage analog drum machine with minimal processing. Twelve Bit Soul offers the classic warmth and feeling that many of today’s filters and processors claim to capture, while still falling short of the genuine article.
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Drum Broker x Divided Soul 12 Bit Soul Vol.3 WAV Drum Broker x Divided Soul 12 Bit Soul Vol.3 WAV
Divided Souls Productions returns with 12 Bit Soul Vol. 3, the latest installment in their running series. As sound seekers continue to look for new and hard hitting drum sounds, this crew curates a new collection of kicks, snare, hi hats, and percussion elements that embody the character and feel of the records they produce. Each sound is carefully crafted to provide character and a certain level of dynamism for beatmakers and producers to utilize in their own creations, allowing them to leave their indelible mark on music.

Continuing in the theme of "making analog relevant in a digital age,” this collection is steeped in the world of the Emu SP1200. The mark left by this machine is ever-present, with its warmth, punch, and subtle grit enveloping each sound. Regardless of the style of music you make, there is something in this kit that can readily find its way into your work. Irrespective of the genre, 12 Bit Soul Vol. 3 encompasses the ethos of quality over quantity, eschewing the filler and leaving the substance. Then again, that’s what Divided Souls Productions has built its reputation on: giving listeners a home-cooked feel with each song and each sound kit. We hope you enjoy using sounds that we have used or would use in our own production. Take a listen and you’ll see that 12 Bit Soul is more than a machine; it’s a mindset.

Two things are inextricably linked to a vintage analog studio: the Emu SP-1200 and the stickers that line the walls, both leaving a mark of the artists who recorded there. The quintessential elements are found in these timeless artifacts: the "SP” delivering that warm sound adored by music fans the world over and stickers acting as a form of graffiti, transforming the lifeless studio walls into a signature, definitive den of Hip Hop hieroglyphs.
Drum Broker teams up with Divided Souls Entertainment for a sticker that represents the vintage the look of the classic drum machine. The 12 Bit Soul sticker pays homage to the SP-1200 in conjunction with the second installment in this sound series. Give your studio some analog flavor even if your setup is more software than hardware these days.

Drum Broker x Divided Soul Twelve Bit Soul 2 WAV Drum Broker x Divided Soul Twelve Bit Soul 2 WAV
Divided Souls Productions returns with their latest creation, emerging from the world of analog splendor. Twelve Bit Soul Vol. 2 picks up where the first installment left off by taking you on a journey and showing you their world as defined by the SP-1200, a place where analog coexists with digital in a relevant and lasting way. As producers continue to look for the newest and trendiest sounds, vintage continues to outlast the ephemeral offerings of the competition.

"Classic but updated” best describes this sound kit with its punchy kicks and crunchy snares. Where Vol. 2 differs from its predecessor is in the layering. Meticulously stacking 12-bit drum samples to capture a signature sound was a primary concern. Producing fully textured sounds that flourish in stand-alone fashion or components in further layered soundscapes showcases the versatility of this kit. The content has been trimmed, leaving the leanest and meanest from the SP 1200. Simply put: these are blue collar drums that work in white collar productions. The only crime is not including Twelve Bit Soul Vol. 2 in your arsenal.


• Twelve Bit Soul Vol. 2 Drum Kit (Digital Download)
• Twelve Bit Soul Sticker + Drum Broker Sticker (Free Shipping)

The whopping 6" x 3.66" Kiss Cut 12 Bit Soul Sticker. Limited Edition Item.

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FO 01 Fat Analog Kits
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16 Drum Kits
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42 Kicks
41 Snares
25 Claps
29 Perc
51 Toms
26 Hihats
04 Fx

FO 02 Electronic Kits
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The Drum Sample Broker 12 Bit Soul Vol.7 Return of the SP WAV The Drum Sample Broker 12 Bit Soul Vol.7 Return of the SP WAV
E-mu’s classic sampling drum machine entrenched itself, understandably, at the heart of the 12 Bit Soul movement. So, it’s only right to return to the beginning, the foundation of the inspiration. Divided Souls Entertainment delivers their latest incarnation entitled 12 Bit Soul Vol. 7: The Return of the SP.

As in other volumes, the "1200” has always played a role, helping shape the sounds that people have come to expect from the production company. Divided Souls Entertainment picked some of the hardest kicks and snares from their 12 Bit Soul kits and reprocessed and, in some cases, reconfigured the entire sound to provide their version of a "Best Of” to fans both familiar and unacquainted. Please understand this involves more than simply culling, or more aptly put, pilfering elements from their library, adjusting the pitch to simply give sounds a grainy texture. Every sound was meticulously routed through the Mackie 1604, initially processed in the MPC 2000XL, sampled using the SP1200, and finally delivered to ProTools via a Digi002 preamp. For this round they diligently sought to bring a no frills kit for those producers and composers looking to incorporate an analog vibe in a digital era. As a bonus, they added 20 new drum rolls in an effort to supply a little flair for your drum programming as well.

Like so many producers before them, Divided Souls Productions was reared on the SP1200, understanding its importance as unveiled by the painstaking effort to bring analog feel to your sonic creations with this release.

This kit includes:

•56 Kicks
•59 Snares
•16 Hi Hats & Percussion
•20 Drum Rolls
Drum Broker x Divided Soul Twelve Bit Soul 4 WAV Drum Broker x Divided Soul Twelve Bit Soul 4 WAV

The quest to bring the best of the analog world and meld it to the digital realm is at the forefront of 12 Bit Soul. As evidenced by the producer greats donning the t-shirts supporting the movement, it’s deeper than words and fading rhetoric but evidenced in their lasting work. The music speaks for itself and time is the true judge of a "classic sound.” 12 Bit Soul continues to strive to bring producers, composers, and arrangers the best sound kits to help compliment and complete their vision, while evoking an intangible essence of what made the previous eras so distinctive. 

The 12 Bit Soul series continues with the fourth, and quite possibly, the strongest installment yet. Divided Souls Productions has painstakingly crafted this latest sound design creation using their tried and true methods of meticulous layering and sound grafting to develop a fuller punch in all of the hits presented, making them ready for immediate use. The kicks may be the meatiest and fullest sounding yet, with the snare collection being treated with a little extra attention and flavoring. All of the hi-hats are customized as well, creating a signature feel with less traditional percussion elements. As a special bonus, a folder entitled "Exotic Sounds” contains uniquely constructed elements to provide some addition character and ambience to your latest production. 

As producers perpetually looking for sounds, Divided Souls Productions understands the pursuit. 12 Bit Soul Volume 4 is an ideal starting point to stop searching and begin creating. 

12 Bit Soul Vol. 4 Features: 

70 Kicks
63 Snares
20 Hi-Hats
10 Exotic Sound