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Audio Animals Organic Snares Vol.1 KONTAKT

Audio Animals Organic Snares Vol.1 KONTAKT
Organic Snares Vol.1 is a collection of 2040 live snare hit samples recorded within a studio environment. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav. Within the download is a custom kontakt sampler that includes, ADSR, stereo widener, lowpass filter, highpass filter, 2 band EQ, 4 band master EQ, master bus compressor and convolution reverb.
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Loopmasters Acoustic Drum Workshop MULTiFORMAT Loopmasters Acoustic Drum Workshop MULTiFORMAT
Loopmasters present Acoustic Drum Workshop, a mammoth archive of top-draw acoustic Drum Hits, with Kicks, Toms, Cymbals and THIRTY different Snares! With the biggest collection of Drums in the land, Matt Butlin takes us on an epic tour of his customised collection, sampling everything in sight!

Session drummer Matt Butlin has amassed a huge collection of Drums with an insatiable addiction for the beat! Inside the pack you’ll find over 500 One Shot samples, illustrating the scope of his collection – with 10 different Cymbals, Live and Processed Kicks, over 30 Tom samples and …30 different Snares! This amounts to over 200 Snare samples alone, each with their own dynamics, tone and timbre - lovingly recorded in close-mic’d 24-Bit quality.
RV Samplepacks Organic Drums MULTiFORMAT RV Samplepacks Organic Drums MULTiFORMAT
RV Samplepacks presents Organic Drums – a rich and dusty collection of textured Drum Samples for producers of all genres - provided 100% royalty free for you! If you’re looking to have Lo-Fi rhythms and Gritty sounds in your Beats – Organic Drums is perfect for you!

Organic Drums features an array of expertly recorded Loops, One Hits and Sampler Patches with a distinctively deep rhythm in mind! Amongst the 70 Loops are warped Kicks, rusty Snares, gritty Hats and coarse Percussion in a range of grainy Beats. Each Loop has been affected and contorted for your listening pleasure – with some of the finest outboard gear available, with analogue Tape Saturation, Reverbs, Envelope Followers, Filters and more!

90 Individual Drum hits are also included, each with its own rusty sonic architecture. Single hits include Claps, Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Percussions, Snare and Toms – primed and ready to be woven into the mix. 70 Rex2 Loops and 9 Sampler Patches are included for your favourite DAWs, to provide instant inspiration and unfound aural pleasures. 
Kicks And Snares The Last 100 Snares You Will Ever Use WAV Kicks And Snares The Last 100 Snares You Will Ever Use WAV
Still searching for your perfect snare sound? This could be the answer: 100 snap-tastic snare samples from the kings of urban drum hits.

The perfect accompaniment for their pristine and punchy 100 Kicks collection, Kicks And Snares continue their mission to offer high quality drum hits for urban beatsmiths.

Kicks And Snares leave no snare unturned: from crisp and crunchy to tight and taut via layered and loose, they use only the finest kit to create an essential collection of hits for producers across the urban spectrum.

All samples are presented as 24-bit Wav files.

Plughugger Analog House Drums for Diva WAV Diva Presets Plughugger Analog House Drums for Diva WAV Diva Presets
Everybody knows that Diva is a fantastic synthesizer for bass, leads and pads, but what few people realize is that Diva is also a very competent synthesizer for analog sounding drum sounds. With its semi-modular structure of oscillators, filters and envelopes it's equally on par with many dedicated analog drum machines, software or hardware.

With Analog House Drums we have created 150 retro sounding house drum sounds using only the components in Diva. This soundset contains everything you need to create drums for all genres of old-school house.

From deep and punchy kicks
to sizzling hihats, snappy snares
and bouncy percussion

Apart from the original Diva patches, we have also recorded all drum sounds clean as audio. All audio drum hits are entirely unprocessed so that you can use your compressors, equalizers and saturators as much as you want without the audio falling apart.

Analog House Drums contains:

Diva Clap - 9 patches
Diva Cowbell - 7 patches
Diva Cymbal - 11 patches
Diva Closed hihat - 20 patches
Diva Open hihat - 8 patches
Diva Kick - 29 patches
Diva Percussion - 28 patches
Diva Rimshot - 4 patches
Diva Shaker - 6 patches
Diva Snare - 28 patches

Audio (wav) Clap - 9 drum hits
Audio (wav) Cowbell - 7 drum hits
Audio (wav) Cymbal - 11 drum hits
Audio (wav) Closed hihat - 20 drum hits
Audio (wav) Open hihat - 8 drum hits
Audio (wav) Kick - 29 drum hits
Audio (wav) Percussion - 35 drum hits (*)
Audio (wav) Rimshot - 4 drum hits
Audio (wav) Shaker - 6 drum hits
Audio (wav) Snare - 28 drum hits
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Featuring the hottest trap, hip hop, dubstep, & r&b snare samples online, the Supreme Snare sample pack contains 10 snare drum presets in 7 formats that auto-load all 300 24-bit snare samples into your favorite sampler. 

Watch our video on how to sequence great sounding snares w/ ModernBeats Snares & Claps
Delicate Beats Black Diamonds KONTAKT Delicate Beats Black Diamonds KONTAKT
Black Diamonds is a Kontakt 5 instrument containing 7 kits for trap productions. Everything is right at your fingertips to create instant trap hits: deep 808 / synth layered basses, thumping drums, snare and hi hat loops, chord progressions, synth loops, FXs and more.

7 Kits
202 samples
Drum hits
Synth Basses
Synth Leads
Transition FXs
Noise Loops
134 Mo uncompressed