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Sounds To Sample Amsterdam Techno WAV

Sounds To Sample Amsterdam Techno WAV
As the Sounds to Sample team lands its plane back from a short trip over-seas, the studio souvenirs brought back with them are ready to be loaded into your DAW's audio tracks and samplers. 

Amsterdam Techno is the latest release to bring the big dark thumping kicks with heavy sub sine basses, atmospheric effected verbs & modular synth circuitry madness into your studio.

Processed in both the digital and analog world intensely adds the warm sub harmonics that pack the punch for your next creation.
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Sample Session Drum Tech WAV Sample Session Drum Tech WAV
Third release for the sample's label Sample Session, the new project from the minds of two artist from the Italy's Underground scene. 

Drum Tech Samples is a collection of sub-heavy drum loops, groove-gritty workouts, organic percussion with nods to classic Techno, Minimal and Deep House. 

Plenty of one shots including original kicks, hi-hats, snares, claps and percussion, so drop them into your sampler of choice and get creative, in this amazing collection of sounds. 

Created using analog and digital studio equipment from all the leading brands used in today’s professional studio. 

This full collection comes split by BPM at 122 123 and 124 but can be deconstructed to fit projects of any tempo. 

This pack gives you an everlasting source of inspiration for your production. 
Audioteknik Dark Tech WAV Audioteknik Dark Tech WAV
Audioteknik presents "Dark Tech" a brand new sample pack filled with big dark kicks, heavy sub and analog basses, stubby synths & sexy drums.

Deep & Dark House/Techno sounds with clean production gives the pack a feel that is both warm and exact.

A full range of both synth hits and riff with all the bleepy techno goodness you could ask for.

Clean, punchy, well processed drums with single hits, full loops and perc loops.

The production of the pack used both modern digital synths and cutting edge production techniques, alongside a large helping of analogue synths and high end analogue outboard giving anything from subtle warmth to pure filthiness.

• 31 Bass Loops
• 30 Drum Loops
• 30 TL
• 30 Percussion Loops
• 30 SFX
• 30 SL
• 40 Drum Hits

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• Drum Hits
• Sound FX

Get ready to rumble the subwoofers and have a sea of heads nodding back and forth with the latest release Go Hard! Trap & Bass from the ADSR production team. This release weighs in at over 700MB of heavy kick knocking 808 subs, trill squelching leads, grimy drum fills and melodic break ups. Every element in this pack works with a variety genres ranging from Trap, R&B, EDM, Future Bass, Bass House and Dubstep.

Every file contains tempo and key information to allow for easy integration into existing projects. MIDI files along with synth presets have been included for maximum flexibility and re-programability. As an added bonus over 60 sampler instruments have been included for Kontakt 5, Maschine 2, EXS 24 and Reason’s NNXT.

If your looking for sounds similar to artists such as GTA, Osha, KRNE, San Holo, Mark Johns, Nina Las Vegas, Illenium, Quix and EXSSV then Go Hard! Trap & bass is the pack you need in your studio arsenal of sounds.

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• 500 WAVs Files (24-Bit @ 44.1 KHz)
• 040 x Bass Loops
• 020 x Brass Loops
• 050 x Drum Loops
• 010 x Drum Fill Loops
• 030 x Melody Loops
• 050 x Synth Loops
• 100 x Top Drum Loops (No Kicks)
• 020 x NI Massive Presets
• 040 x FXs Loops (Impact, Misc, Sweep Down, Sweep Up)
• 090 x MIDIs Files (Synth Loops, Bass Loops)
• 140 x One-Shots Samples (Bass, Claps & Snares, Hi-Hats, Kicks, Percussions, Subs, Synths)
• Compatible With All DAWs
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• PC & Mac Compatible

Raw Loops Techno Elements WAV Raw Loops Techno Elements WAV

890+ MBs of pumping Techno beats, synths, basslines, top loops, percs, vocals and much more. A total of 674 loops and one-shots, Techno Elements is a modern spin of driving techno samples built for todays main club rooms and festival stages. Included is a massive array of one shots, from bass hits, synth hits, kicks, hats, snares, claps, and cymbals.

Techno Elements covers a wide spectrum of samples and loops, everything you need to create techno & tech house, from low thumping kicks, subby bass loops, pushing hat & clap loops, dark synth leads, stripped back drum loops, vocal hits and phrases, & FX.


Bass Loops – 58 super low bass lines for rolling bottom-end.

Synth Loops – 70 synth riffs, groovy, harmonic, and climatic.

Tops Loops – 64 crunchy top end loops for enhanced track energy.

Vocal Loops – 18 vocal phrases and hits.

Percussion Loops – 16 percussive rhythm-backers.

RAW_KICK Loops – 30 thumping kick loops.

Drum Loops – 52 tech-infused stripped back track starting drum grooves.

FX Loops – 16 FX hits, falls, risers and loops.

XL One Shots – A collections of 350 kicks, claps & snares, bass hits, cymbals, synth hits, hats and percussive hits just add them to your sampler to build your beats.
Sounds To Sample Dark and Minimal Vol.1 ACID WAV Sounds To Sample Dark and Minimal Vol.1 ACID WAV
Delve deep into the all consuming world of the underground with Sounds to Samples latest techno pack, Dark and Minimal Vol. 1.
Produced by late night aficionado Petar Filipov (aka PHM), Dark and Minimal Vol. 1 is brimming with the latest and greatest tripped out wonk you'll hear blaring through the Berghein through the early morning hours. 
520+ megabites of the finest in late night hardware make this the prime pack for producers searching for that classic sound.

What's Included: Loops: 59 Drum Loops, Percussions & Tops 43 Synt h Loops + midi 52 Bass Loops + midi 24 Sound Effects 

Single Hits: 136 Drum Hits - 26 Claps & Snares, 10 Cymbals, 29 Hihats, 24 Kicks, 47 Perc & Misc Hits 83 Synth Shots - 29 Basshits, 54 Chords & Pads.

WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit

* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
• Drum Hits
• Techno

Raw Loops Deep Dark Techno WAV Raw Loops Deep Dark Techno WAV
Deep, groove-heavy late-night techno, featuring 500+ MBs rumbling sub basslines, pushing hi-hats & percussive grooves, dark synths & more for floor-freakin’ techno monsters. Totalling 305 loops and one-shots, Deep Dark Techno is a forward-thinking fusion of cutting-edge tech house and rolling techno, as well as subtle hints of classic Chicago and Detroit aesthetics.

Deep Dark Techno packs in deep and dark music loops, big sub basslines, teched-up and tracky beats, analogue and tribal kick-free tops and percussive loops, processed vox plus FX and drum hits.


Bass Loops – 19 deep and driving sub-smackers for maximum low-end power.

Music Loops – 23 afterhours leads, deep chords and dark riffs.

Tops Loops – 51 kick-craving tech tops loaded with analogue shots, tribal hits and quirky circuit-derived sounds.

Vocal Loops – 12 glitched vocal cuts tweaked and processed.

Percussion Loops – 33 rhythm-rocking tribal-infused grooves – some with variants.

RAW_KICK Loops – 11 pounding four to the floor kick loops.

Beat Loops – 74 tech-infused beatdowns bristling with depth and warmth.

FX Loops – 17 looping groove background, wet hits and more.

Drum Hits – 65 essential kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and percussive hits to build your own beats from the ground up.

ALL Loops are 24 bit WAVs @ 125 bpm

305 Total Loops & Sounds X 512.5 MBs