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Taelimb Tearout DnB MULTiFORMAT

Taelimb Tearout DnB MULTiFORMAT
Unique Breaks

A unique collection of hand crafted breaks designed specifically for Drum and Bass. Covering all sub genres of contemporary DNB this pack has you covered now matter what style of drum and bass you want to create!

Filthy Bass lines

Utilising a wide range of sound design techniques this pack also contains a large number of distinctive Taelimb bass sounds to aid you in your productions. Although designed with drum and bass in mind, these bass sounds will guarantee to kill a dance floor what ever the genre!

Breathtaking Atmospheres and FX

This pack has a range of tools to help you create the perfect feeling for you tack. With long, evolving Sci-Fi inspired textures that capture the edgy dark side of dnb, to beautiful, rich pads to help create the perfect atmosphere. You can find what you’re looking for to rely get the most out of your productions!

Contains Contains 258 24 Bit Wav Loops, 167 24 Bit Wav One Shots
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Samplephonics Hip-Hop Crate Diggers MULTiFORMAT Samplephonics Hip-Hop Crate Diggers MULTiFORMAT
Hip Hop Crate Diggers is a samplers paradise, containing a beautiful palette of sounds, textures, musical phrases, crisp drum breaks and real instrument loops and samples. This masterpiece of a sample pack has been create by producer Rigglebeats, who has spent years collection the sounds from old records no longer bound by copyright, as well as creating new recordings and giving them the vinyl treatment to capture this authentic sound.

Expect everything from real string loops, crispy one shot samples and stabs, evolving musical phrases, vinyl crackle, tape hiss, rounded double bass grooves, and a variety of sampler instrument patches for Reason NN-XT, Kontakt and EXS24.

All sounds in this sample library are available to download and use in your productions 100% royalty free, and suit a wide variety of genres, from Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Breaks, Chillout, Lounge, Funk, Soul, RnB and just about everything else in between. Choose between Apple Loops, 24 Bit Wav or Rex2 formats.

Freaky Loops Dark Neurofunk and Cinematic DnB Vol 2 WAV Freaky Loops Dark Neurofunk and Cinematic DnB Vol 2 WAV
Our new secret weapon has just arrived! "Dark Neurofunk & Cinematic DnB Vol 2” is here and waiting to be discovered!!

Inside you will find everything you need to inject the harsher and darker side of DnB into your music. From cranked-up beats to tear-out basslines, industrial breaks to melodic ambience, chest pounding drum loops to skull smashing drum hits, scintillating synths to deep keys, dark atmospheric drones to the deepest of modulating sub bass, dense textural noise to eerie pianos, lush pads to a slew of stunning drum one-shots, dark otherworldly textures to frantic percussions, stacked stabs to creepy sound effects, gritty leads to manic hits, big cinematic drums to crazy percussions, cone-tearing mid range screamers that will shake the bones out of anything in close proximity. This heavy hitters collection delivers you high-quality source sounds which have only been waiting to fall into your creative hands, featuring a dark or heavy feeling to the music, but also with an edge of funk..

In detail expect to find 666 MB of raw content including 315 Loops & Samples locked at 174BPM. This pack consist of, 60 Bass Loops, 141 Drum Tools includes 10 Cinematic Drum Loops, 45 Drum Hits, 66 Drum Loops and 20 Break Loops, 26 Music Loops, 20 Synth Loops, 49 FX, 13 Textures and 6 Piano Loops - All sounds organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions, also all loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility

"Dark Neurofunk & Cinematic DnB Vol 2” inspired by the darker production styles of Neuro and mixed with the criminally insane side of DnB and the result is - perfect creations of psycho-killer cinematic sounds in a minute. Whether you are producing Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Jungle, Neuro or Dubstep and like to switch it up with something Heavy - this pack will have the ingredients needed to create your next big production. Also perfect for use in Film Scores, Trailers, Video Game backgrounds and all types of music composers who want to add just the perfect sonic texture to their creations.

This pack going to explode your creativity and take it to the next level!

•24 Bit Quality
•315 Loops & Samples
•60 Bass Loops
•141 Drum Tools
•66 Drum Loops
•20 Break Loops
•10 Cinematic Drum Loops
•45 Drum Hits
•49 Fx
•26 Music Loops
•20 Synth Loops
•13 Textures
•6 Piano Loops
Plughugger DBX-d for u-he Diva Plughugger DBX-d for u-he Diva
DBX-d is a soundset aimed entirely on synthetic bass sounds and has been intentionally designed with layering in mind.

The sounds are clearly sorted into descriptive categories so it’s easy to find the tonal range you are looking for. The sounds work well on their own, but if you want to create really BIG BASS sounds - layering two or three sounds on top of each will make your speakers shake of happiness.
although the sounds are aimed for
bass - the mid- and top-range
sounds works equally well
for melodies and stabs
The soundset contains:

Sub bass: 26
Low bass: 45
Mid bass: 42
Top bass: 37

Name: DBX-D.
Requirements: Diva.
Number of sounds: 150.
Format: Diva.
Style: Bass sounds.
Daniel Strongin Everything Bass For XFER RECORDS SERUM Daniel Strongin Everything Bass For XFER RECORDS SERUM

Everything Bass is a collection of well crafted intense and heavy hitting bass sounds for your latest dance floor destroyer. This pack delivers contemporary, fresh, and usable sounds for producers at all skill levels.

In this unique sound set you will find gritty, well textured bass lines, monstrous growls, face melting sirens, soaring leads and synths, and lush pads. Inspiration and ideas for your next bass track will surely develop while scrolling through just a couple of presets.

With 4 precisely mapped macro knobs for Every Sound, modulation has never been easier. Transform your already full sounding bass into a completely new sound with just the turn of a couple of knobs. This is perfect for keeping your tracks interesting and full sounding with just the use of one preset!

Also, for the producer who is willing to dig deeper into the synth beyond just the preset level, the techniques used to create these massive sounds can be applied to other sounds in Serum and in other synths. Just by looking at the techniques used in these sounds and with a little experimenting, you can easily learn the basics on how to create compelling sounds!

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
• Format: Presets (.FXB)
• 64 Presets For Xfer Records Serum
• 49 x Bass Presets
• 05 x Lead Presets
• 05 x Pad Presets
• 05 x Synth Presets
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Requirements: Xfer Records Serum 1.044+ or higher.
Industrial Strength DnB Audio DnB Crossbreed Dread WAV Industrial Strength DnB Audio DnB Crossbreed Dread WAV
Drum-n-Bass sub genre Crossbreed, has been kicking ass and taking no prisoners on thee most underground dance floor's for the past few years. Now you can capture the essence of this hard edge DnB style like never before.

Sound designer and producer Dread steps up to bat and hits a massive home run with a bad ass collection of 24 bit Wav audio ready for any Daw. This dark sonic blast offers up 270 intense Drum Shots, 104 fierce Drum Loops, and over 170 Bass Loops to inspire your next production.

Our 4th edition of Drum n Bass Audio also features Atmosphere's, Pads, Synth Loops, Risers, Acid Loops, Impacts and of course Synth Shots so you can rip up your next track or remix all with one sample pack.

Industrial Strength's DnB Audio is Specializing in all styles of Drum n Bass and we intend on delivering some serious tools for Production, Mixing, Remixes, Sound Design and of course inspiration which we hope leads to creation.

If you’re on the hunt to beef up your next track with original cutting edge sounds made from the ground up, DnB Crossbreed will give your new track the sonic edge it deserves.


24 Bit Quality
34 Full Breaks
34 Top Loops
44 Kicks
101 Hi Hat
20 Rides
16 Crash
25 Atmospheres
32 Riser Fx
44 Synth Shots
39 Bass Line Loops
34 Kick n Snare Loops
60 Fx Snips
55 Snares
34 Percussion
17 Impacts
8 Mad Loops
27 Pads
23 Synth Loops
13 Acid Loops
Bluezone Corporation Austral Drum and Bass WAV Bluezone Corporation Austral Drum and Bass WAV
Fresh out of the Bluezone Studios,' Austral Drum and Bass' is a new collection offering a wide range of genres. Loaded with everything from aggressive hits to ambient pads, this Drum n Bass / Jungle Sample pack is perfect for any setup. With a mix of styles including Breaks, DNB and Ambient, Austral Drum and Bass opens up a world of new possibilities with its 252 loops and samples.

Produced with numerous analog and digital synths, the sounds have been recorded and crafted to give them incredible depth and atmosphere. For original compositions as well as soundtracks, 'Austral Drum and Bass' is the reference sound library you’ll turn to again and again, for all types of music composition.

This ultimate new pack is great with a wide range of styles such as Breaks, Dubstep, music for video games, TV series, Soundtrack, Hardstyle, Experimental and more.

Austral Drum and Bass' Contents:
• Drum Loops
• Synth Loops
• Basslines
• Key Loops
• Sound Effects
• Soundscapes / Atmospheres
• Drum Hits / One-Shots
• Synth Samples

Genres : 
Breaks Drum n Bass Drums Dubstep Soundtrack / Film / Game Sound FX