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URM Academy Fast Track Mix Prep TUTORiAL

Soft / Video Lessons 18-05-2017
URM Academy Fast Track Mix Prep TUTORiAL
''Ive been a producer/mixer since 2003 and Im thrilled to be your guide throughout this Fast Track.

Ive worked with bands like Machine Head, Blessthefall, and Vinyl Theater among many others. I typically mix and master up to 60 songs a month!

Im also the co-founder of both Drumforge, a premium quality virtual drum instrument, and the URM Academy, which is educating the next generation of audio professionals.

When I got started mixing I quickly realized that if I wanted to work with a high number of clients, and earn my dream income while enjoying myself the whole time, I needed to develop a workflow that was efficient, effective, and very quick.
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The second installment of the fast tracks of populair mixing Academy Unstoppable Recording Machine.

Here we will talk about gain staging in all different stages in the DAW.

Just unpack the .rar file with winrar and check the readme. For all platforms, recommend VLC for playback

'Hey everyone, I’m Joey Sturgis, Co-Founder of URM Academy, DrumForge, and JST, and I’ll be guiding you through this crucial process we call gain staging.
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Got the basics of your track down but struggling to get the mix right? Forget reading manuals and focusing solely on the theory – The best way to learn how to mix is to jump right in! In this course, complex concepts are made easy by demonstration allowing you to practice and perfect as you watch and, more importantly, do! Gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs with every sounds sitting perfectly in the mix not fighting for frequency.

This comprehensive course gives you professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio.

What You Will Learn In This Mixing Course

In this practical guide you’ll learn how to to mix music by watching and practicing with working examples, in real time.

All the sound elements of a full track are included – royalty-free – for your use. Simply load the sounds into your preferred DAW and follow along to get a hands-on understanding of how to mix each part of your track.

From prepping the mix and getting organized in the arrangement, to creating bus mixes, parallel processing of drums and using reference tracks to better suit the mix
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When rhythm tracks are "locked in” you can feel it. It’s like two hearts beating as one! And when you spend a little more time doing some microscopic editing to get those tracks really synced, you’ll find that real production magic can occur. In this rhythm track mix prep course by famed Producer/Songwriter, Eyal Amir, you learn the tricks of the trade he uses to get a track ready for the final mix. This way a professional mixer can spend time mixing rather than editing!

It always starts with the bass and drums. When those two elements work together, all the other elements often fall right in to place! You learn how to quantize single tracks and multi-tracks. You also learn Eyal’s secrets on how to quantize, warp edit and clean-up all your rhythm tracks so that the mixer, whether it’s you or somebody else, will be able to really make your tracks truly sound their best.

By the time you complete this advanced Cubase course you’ll know how to make your bass and drum tracks so tight that they’ll blend together into a single, forceful fusion of dynamic rhythmic solidarity!

The Recording Revolution JumpStart To Mastering TUTORiAL The Recording Revolution JumpStart To Mastering TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 21-12-2015
Ah, the endless debate over mastering. Is it the magic pill for your mixes? Heck no. But if you know what you’re doing it can really help. JumpStart To Mastering will get you on the 

can really help. JumpStart To Mastering will get you on the path to mastering your own material so you can get the absolute best out of your mixes. You want to deliver tracks that will sound good out in the real world and this video series will help you do just that!

What You Should Have Learned In School

Whether you’ve been to a prestigious audio engineering school or you started mixing music as a hobby, one thing is for sure: we all need to know some foundational basics to the art of mixing if we ever expect to make killer pro mixes. The JumpStart series of videos provide that foundation and are your roadmap to better mixes!

Without wasting any time, each JumpStart video tells you exactly what you need to know to start seeing the mixing results you want. After one hour of watching these videos you will be able to:

Bullet Create separation and clarity in your mixes through EQ
Bullet Wield compression to either reign in a dynamic vocal or fatten up a snare
Bullet Tighten up out-of-time drums and bass and get your vocals to sit in the "pocket”
Bullet Put together a radio-ready mix that is compelling from start to finish
Bullet Confidently master your own mixes to release to the world!

Who Am I?

My name is Graham Cochrane. I am a full time producer, recording/mix engineer, worship leader, and singer/songwriter. I also am the founder of, a website dedicated to helping people make better music in their home studios and one of the fastest growing pro audio blogs on the web. If you’ve watched any of my free video tutorials then you know that I teach in a clear, to the point, and relevant way, enabling you to learn quickly and get on with your music.

I know first hand from the thousands of emails and comments I get that many of you don’t have any proper training in mixing concepts. I’m all for DIY, but some things you just need to learn before you can see improvement. That is why I created the JumpStart series of videos, to help you get your mixes off the ground...