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URM Academy Fast Track Gain Staging TUTORiAL

Soft / Video Lessons 18-05-2017
URM Academy Fast Track Gain Staging TUTORiAL
The second installment of the fast tracks of populair mixing Academy Unstoppable Recording Machine.

Here we will talk about gain staging in all different stages in the DAW.

Just unpack the .rar file with winrar and check the readme. For all platforms, recommend VLC for playback

'Hey everyone, I’m Joey Sturgis, Co-Founder of URM Academy, DrumForge, and JST, and I’ll be guiding you through this crucial process we call gain staging.
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URM Academy Fast Track Mix Prep TUTORiAL URM Academy Fast Track Mix Prep TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 18-05-2017
''Ive been a producer/mixer since 2003 and Im thrilled to be your guide throughout this Fast Track.

Ive worked with bands like Machine Head, Blessthefall, and Vinyl Theater among many others. I typically mix and master up to 60 songs a month!

Im also the co-founder of both Drumforge, a premium quality virtual drum instrument, and the URM Academy, which is educating the next generation of audio professionals.

When I got started mixing I quickly realized that if I wanted to work with a high number of clients, and earn my dream income while enjoying myself the whole time, I needed to develop a workflow that was efficient, effective, and very quick.
The Blackbird Academy Managing Gain and Distortion TUTORiAL The Blackbird Academy Managing Gain and Distortion TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 4-01-2017
Recording engineers and music producers encounter many ways to adjust gain along the recording and mixing signal path. Knowing the best practices for setting levels in your DAW, processors, and other gain stages will allow you to avoid distortion and noise in your productions.

Concepts include:

What is a gain stage?

How do you set levels when there is more than one way to do it?

What's the best way to use distortion to make your tracks sound better?

What is the best level for the tracks in my DAW?

Why is tube gear considered good?
Ask Video Audio Mistakes 107 10 Common Signal Flow Mistakes TUTORiAL Ask Video Audio Mistakes 107 10 Common Signal Flow Mistakes TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 12-06-2016
When you insert a plugin into your DAW, that insertion is actually a connection. That’s signal flow. Making poor connections can destroy an otherwise great track. Let US make the signal flow mistakes so YOU won’t have to!

Signal flow is the journey that your sound takes from microphone (or instrument) to the final mix. Along the way, all kinds of awful things can happen that’ll degrade and sometimes destroy the quality of the audio. In this course, by our Audio Mistakes expert, Joe Albano, you learn how NOT to make those signal flow missteps that create distortion or overloads and wreak havoc on an otherwise great-sounding production.

For instance, do you know the best way to order your processors in a channel strip? Or how to best deploy audio sends and returns? What about gain-staging, like I/O and FX chain gain, where all kinds of things can go awry? Then there’s those dreaded digital overloads. These, and other things, are real signal flow issues that are explained and explored in this course.

So join Joe Albano now and learn what NOT to do when making those critical signal flow decisions. We know that, in less than an hour of study, you will master all kinds of audio optimization techniques that are sure to give clarity to all your productions

Sonic Academy Mixing an EDM Wall of Sound with Soundprank TUTORiAL Sonic Academy Mixing an EDM Wall of Sound with Soundprank TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 18-04-2016
Sonic Academy proudly welcomes 'Anjunabeats' 'Zerothree' and 'Enhanced' recordings artist 'Soundprank', here delivering a massively in-depth course on 'How To Mix' his signature sound. 

In this multi-part course, we'll go into the process behind making a track sound bigger and larger than life. Follow along as we breakdown the elements of the mix process and give you top-industry tips on how to creatively use gain-staging and dynamics processing to achieve a huge sound. Prepare your brain bones for a plethora of learning! Here he uses one of his own track "inversion' as a starting point. Don't forget you get all the project files to download, so you to can have a look inside a professionally produced and mix session to gain an even deeper understanding of how the pros do it!
ADSR Sounds Echo Sounds Work Mixing For The Kick TUTORiAL ADSR Sounds Echo Sounds Work Mixing For The Kick TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 3-06-2016
It’s every producer and mix engineer’s worse nightmare – you’ve got a stunning vocal and the perfect lead mixed into a killer drop. It’s all coming along great but then there’s that super sad kick that sucks all the energy out of the dancefloor…

It’s time to wake up and learn to make the kind of music you dream about. Get some fresh perspectives on how to mix for the kick with this 8-part video course presented by Echo Sound Works.

In just over an hour you will learn to manipulate the various elements of your track to energize the kick and allow it to drive your track.

PART 1 – Introduction - This video briefly covers the course topics.
PART 2 – Mixing Philosophy - This video talks about classic mixing engineer’s philosophy and how it can apply in the modern digital age.
PART 3 – Defining The Low End - In this section, we look at how to define the low end of your mix in regards to the kick and the bass and how they affect each other.
PART 4 – Gain Staging The Kick - This video will discuss how to properly gain stage your kick with both peak and RMS levels.

Making the Kick King
PART 5 – Panning Around Center - It might sound weird, but the whole reason we pan things is to strengthen the center of our mixes. When you think like this, you can use panning to improve the quality of your kick.
PART 6 – Envelope Shaping - This video offers some really unique uses for Envelope shaping.
PART 7 – Offsetting Values - A fairly basic technique, but when used in the right context it can be a powerful way of opening up the mix for the kick.
PART 8 – Ducking & Side Chaining - Saved the best for last, these two techniques can be used in almost every song you work on to help make the kick bigger and punchier.
SpinAcademy Understanding Volume and Gain-TUTOR SpinAcademy Understanding Volume and Gain-TUTOR
Soft / Video Lessons 19-09-2017
Having a solid understanding of gain is absolutely crucial to being a good DJ. These lessons will teach you how to master gain on all levels, from your software to your mixer and more. Your transitions will sound smother, you won't damage your gear or your ears and more with by fully understanding how to use gain properly.